Does Harvestella Have Co-Op Multiplayer?

Does Harvestella support fun with friends?

by Kara Phillips

Even though Harvestella doesn’t necessarily host a lot of challenges for players, that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t benefit from having some company during your time with the game. There are numerous ways the help of a friend could benefit gameplay, and the heavy emphasis on the gentle progression would make it the perfect couch co-op game. So many players eagerly await to see if they can take on this game with a friend, but the results may be disappointing. Read on to find out if Harvestella offers multiplayer.

Does Harvestella Offer Multiplayer?

Although Harvestella appears to have the perfect setting for players to come together and farm, face enemies, and venture through dungeons, the game doesn’t offer any multiplayer capabilities. So sadly, fishing and farming will have to be taken on entirely solo. Currently, there are no plans for Harvestella to receive multiplayer functions, but that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually be implemented into the title. In fact, many features would benefit from extra hands to help the workload, so players should stay hopeful that they will be able to come together with friends soon.

But the entire adventure doesn’t need to be faced entirely on your own. As far as Adventure RPGs go, you will meet a whole cast of potential friends as you visit Lethe Village and the various other areas to explore. However, friendship doesn’t come for free. You need to work hard to progress through character-specific quests to leave a lasting impact on potential friendships, but you will be rewarded for the efforts you have made with some valuable information and items to help out your farm. Additionally, you will be able to create the perfect party for exploration. So maybe you didn’t need the help of a real-world friend after all.

Harvestella is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

- This article was updated on November 4th, 2022

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