COD Mobile SMG Tier List: Best Submachine Guns in Call of Duty Mobile Ranked (2023)

Complete ranking of all SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile.

by Christian Bognar
Call of Duty Mobile
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Are you looking for the best SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile? Possibly the best class out of all of them, the SMG has the potential to pack a punch and defeat enemies in one fell swoop. That said, there are bad SMGs, and there are excellent SMGs. This guide will rank all the SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile, so you know which gun to choose.

Best COD Mobile SMGs

Perfecting your loadout can be difficult in COD: Mobile, so we are here to help. Below is a tier list of all SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile, ranging from S to D tier. Read further to discover why each SMG fall into their tier rank as I describe the strengths and weaknesses of each gun.

SCBR4, Mac-10, GKS.
APPSh-41, KSP 45, Switchblade X9, QXR.
BMSMC, MX9, HG40, PP19.
DPDW-57, Chicom, Razorback.

S-Tier SMGs for Call of Duty: Mobile

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The SMGs in S-tier are the best in Call of Duty Mobile. With exceptional accuracy, fast reload speeds, and low time-to-kill, any player can be a beast with these SMGs in their loadout.


CBR4 has always been the most overpowered SMG in Call of Duty Mobile, and even with the nerfs in the past season — it is still the best. With tremendous reload speeds, high aim down sights, and damage that rips through enemies, it stands alone compared to other SMGs in the S-tier.


Speaking of standout hits in the S-tier, the MAC-10 is a fan favorite, and for good reason. This SMG produces damage that doesn’t lose its potential when gunning down enemies from a great range and features a fast-firing rate that makes it a force to reckon with. The Mac-10 is also perfect for clearing out rooms like an assault rifle, if that is your type of playstyle.


One of the lowest time to kill goes to the GKS SMG. This gun requires a highly skilled player and can be tricky to master for beginners — but once a player gets its playstyle down, it’s a beast. If you want to get a high kill count, the GKS is a solid choice.

A-Tier SMGs for Call of Duty: Mobile

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A-Tier SMGs are fantastic and can be exceptional, especially with a skilled player behind the controller. Not as powerful as the guns located in S-tier, these guns still offer high stats and performance.


Due to recent buffs from the developers, the PPSh-41 has been pushed to the A-tier of the SMGs. This gun features low recoil for easy aiming and is one of the largest magazines out of all the SMGs in the game. It would be considered an S-tier gun if only its range were better.

KSP 45

KSP 45 is unique compared to other SMGS due to its burst fire mode. Don’t underestimate the burst playstyle, though, considering if you land a complete burst; you will most likely kill the opponent. Just make sure you aren’t firing from a great distance, as it can only do well in mid-range gunfights.

Switchblade X9

Despite having the coolest name out of all the SMGs, the Switchblade X9 packs a punch that makes it a go-to choice. Everything surrounding this gun is based on lightweight action — small, fast-firing, and incredibly easy to handle.


QXR is a fantastic SMG that doesn’t seem impressive at first glance, but once players start adding the proper attachments to it — it turns into an unstoppable monster. A low time-to-kill ratio, high-speed fire rate, and powerful bullets can kill enemies before they notice you.

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B-Tier SMGs for Call of Duty: Mobile

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B-tier SMGs have a lot of potential but have weaknesses that prevent them from being ranked higher. Still, any player with skill and who knows what they are doing in Call of Duty Mobile will find plenty of satisfaction with these options.


The MSMC used to be one of the best SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile but nerfs in past seasons have brought it down some ranks. Still, it’s a good choice for an SMG as it allows players to deal solid damage from long ranges. Also, adding the right attachments can push its potential even further.


The MX9 is a consistent gun that offers complete kills by the time the clip is empty This allows players to dominate in one-on-one fights, but its smaller clip size is not powerful enough to clear out rooms.


HG40 would typically be in C-tier, but with recent buffs in the past seasons of Call of Duty Mobile — it stands on its own two feet. The buffs have improved this SMG in medium-range gunfights, giving players more leeway on the battlefield.


The PP19 is among the best SMGs for Call of Duty Mobile beginners. It’s simple to use and has an excellent aim for pinpoint accuracy, but it lacks in the damage department. Still, any beginner can be successful on the battlefield when selecting this SMG.

C-Tier SMGs for Call of Duty: Mobile

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Only one gun can be considered a C-tier SMG. The best way to describe a C-tier ranking is a gun that can circumstantially get you by in a match. But players should replace this gun with better options on this list as soon as possible.


Standing alone in the C-tier is the Pharo. Players can have successful matches with this SMG considering it has decent damage and decent recoil control. That said, it doesn’t pack enough punch when firing at a large range, meaning players must get up close and personal to make this gun work.

D-Tier SMGs for Call of Duty: Mobile

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Now for the SMGs that should be left alone. There are no features on these guns that make them worthwhile, even if you go ahead and add strong attachments to them.


Players can argue that the Razorback deserves to be at least in B-tier due to recent buffs, but I don’t see it. When winning a match, the Razorback SMG is weak, slow, and unreliable.


The PDW-57’s recent buffs tried to push this into a higher tier, but it didn’t work. It still is so weak compared to its higher-rated counterparts that there’s no real reason to use it. Not a terrible range, but a lousy time-to-kill ratio and low speed make this SMG severely lacking.


Chicom is the worst SMG in the game. It doesn’t succeed in any field, range, damage, speed — nothing. This SMG should be skipped for all players of any skill level unless you really want to challenge yourself during battle.

- This article was updated on July 17th, 2023

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