Best Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile

Take out your opponents across the battlefield with these snipers

by Christian Bognar

Sniper Rifles are a great way to outsmart your opponent from a distance with one-shot kills. COD Mobile has some of the best sniper rifles to date regarding the Call of Duty franchise, making players absolute beasts on the battlefield. To become an excellent marksman, you will want to select one of the best Snipers for your loadout. This guide will go over our top 5 picks for the best Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile and why we believe they deserve a spot on the list.

Top Snipers in COD Mobile

Our top picks stem from Snipers with the best accuracy while maintaining significant damage from an extensive range. Some of these snipers even allow you to no-scope, allowing you to get yourself out of a pickle if you find yourself in close-range combat. Here are our top five picks down below.



Starting on the list, we have an incredibly high-power sniper that can take any target out in one shot with a perfectly landed torso or headshot. Being a semi-automatic gun, the SVD has a two-shot range capability with a high fire rate that allows you to take another shot quickly if you missed the first time. This sniper even succeeds in close-range combat, which is rare for all snipers in most Call of Duty games. With incredibly significant damage, this gun is regarded as the best sniper rifle in all of COD Mobile.

DL Q33


This Sniper is the most consistent gun on this list regarding accuracy. That, mixed with the high-range capability and strong stopping power, makes this perfect for taking out opponents across the battlefield with one shot. The DL Q33 also can equip some helpful attachments that have the potential to increase every stat that is already high, to begin with. For example, adding the suppressor and combat stock will have you shooting down enemies in silence with pinpoint accuracy.



Similar to the DL Q33, this sniper is very reliable regarding accuracy. It is so accurate that you can take out enemies without scoping from a reasonable distance. The ADS speed is high, arguably the highest on the list, and that capability to go from hip fire to scope is critical on the battlefield. It is recommended to switch out the default scope considering that scope can take up most of the screen, but there are no downfalls besides that.



This Sniper is perfect for those players who have a rush-sniping playstyle and like to play aggressively. This gun’s mobility and speed are very high, making it the top choice for faster-paced players who still want to snipe from a distance. The maximum damage output can be increased by adding its stopping power magazine, which is recommended since the default damage isn’t the highest compared to others on this list.

Arctic .50


This Sniper stands out due to its fast fire rate, range, and one-shot capability to the chest. It is semi-automatic, allowing more speed to be had in your playstyle, and also helps with landing a shot if you didn’t successfully take your opponent out in one hit. The default scope is arguably one of the best, with a clear vision, making it super simple to aim at your target.

Now that you have one of the best Sniper Rifles as your go-to gun make sure you add some style to it by equipping Diamond camo. Also, check out our guide for the best COD Mobile settings to maximize your chances of landing the perfect shot. Doing this will increase your accuracy, making it easier to get your opponents into your crosshair effectively!

Call of Duty Mobile is available now on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on November 2nd, 2022

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