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Call of Duty Mobile Best Settings

Up your game with the best settings for competitive play and more.

by Victor Vellas


Call of Duty: Mobile is dominating right now the mobile scene, being one of the best games out there to try out in your phone or tablet. When it was first released, players were skeptical about it due to the inclusion of touch controls. Taking in consideration it’s a first person shooter, a highly agile one as well, people thought that it wouldn’t reach any competitive scene as touch controls can be quite junky and troublesome at times.

While the specific control scheme is not for everyone, indeed, they couldn’t be more wrong with the specific entry in the famous franchise. Call of Duty: Mobile not only runs and functions exceptionally well even with touch controls, but it also feels great. If you don’t believe me, then feel free to try the game for yourselves. With that said, I created this guide in order to help you out with your control settings, especially if you are starting out your adventure now. Please note that the settings mentioned below, are a result of personal experience with the game, and suggested options from famous players in the competitive scene.

Control settings

The simple control mode is totally viable for any casual to good player out there, but if you want to step up your game and start being competitive, the advanced mode is your next goal. First things first, set your checkmark to ‘custom’. Then, follow the list below.

  • Assault rifles: ADS
  • SMGs: ADS
  • Shotguns: Hip – Being close range weapons, shotguns are very frequently used without ADS. Therefore, the Hip option is preferable.
  • LMGs: ADS
  • Sniper rifles: ADS
  • Pistols: ADS

Basic settings

  • Aim Assist: On
  • Quick Run (from prone): On
  • Fixed R-Fire BTN: On
  • Fixed Virtual Joystick display position: On
  • Release r-fire btn of shotgun to hipfire: Off
  • Fast Throw Grenade: Off – could be situational, if you are too bothered to handle with aiming it. Keep it on if you really don’t care about specialized throws.
  • Joystick Auto-Sprint: On
  • Fixed Joystick: Off
  • Right Fire button for Fixed Perspective: Off
  • ADS: Tap to ADS
  • Display left fire button: On – You can keep it off if you believe it distracts you more than being actually helpful, but being able to shoot down an enemy with either of your hands, is not a bad call.
  • Slide (While running): Tap crouch while sprinting
  • Always sprint: On – Suggested sensitivity: 65
  • Gyroscope: On – VERY controversial. While ‘On’ is the best fit, most of the users have it set to ‘Off’, either due to personal preference, or simply because their devices don’t really handle gyroscope functions well.
  • Camera FoV: 75

Audio and Graphics

  • Graphic quality: Low – Reason is simple. Lower graphical settings can let you have the maximum framerate available, at all times, and most importantly, stable.
  • Frame rate: Max – THE most important change you need to do. Maximum FPS is essential to have the best experience possible in any match within Call of Duty: Mobile.
  • Depth of field: Off
  • Bloom: Off
  • Real-time shadows: Off
  • Ragdoll: Off – The cool physics in finishing moves are not really worth the drop in performance.
  • Anti-aliasing: Off
  • BR Mode graphic style: Any – Dynamic could pinpoint enemies easier, due to improved colors, but I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

Sensitivity settings

  • Rotation mode: Fixed speed
  • Sensitivity switch: Switch while opening ADS
  • Sensitivity presets: Custom
  • Standard sensitivity: 94
  • ADS sensitivity: 145
  • Tactical scope sensitivity: 160
  • Sniper scope sensitivity: 65
  • 3x tactical scope: 100
  • 4x tactical scope: 60
  • 6x tactical scope: 40
  • 8x tactical scope: 30

Gyroscope sensitivity

  • Standard sensitivity: 140
  • ADS sensitivity: 75
  • Tactical scope sensitivity: 57
  • Sniper scope sensitivity: 59
  • 3x tactical scope: 65
  • 4x tactical scope: 45
  • 6x tactical scope: 25
  • 8x tactical scope: 15

While the suggested sensitivity settings are all of the above, these options are also highly dependent on your device and screen size, alongside resolution. It is advised to take the above as a core sample as to how they should be, and tweak it accordingly to your preference/ device. Additionally, we didn’t touch on custom layouts, due to how subjective they can be. Every single player prefers their own layout, that fits best their fingers/ hands.

We don’t mention any specific design here, but I do suggest you to mess around with it, instead of using the default one. I personally had a completely different experience when I changed my layout, after a while playing, so I’m sure it can be the case for a lot of you out there. Additionally, if you want a great weapon to compliment those settings the best, make sure to check our ‘best weapons for Season 1’ guide, right here.


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