How to Unlock Diamond Camo in Call of Duty Mobile: All Required Challenges for Each Weapon Type

Planning to get the Diamond camo within Call of Duty Mobile?

by Gordon Bicker


Call of Duty: Mobile has a vast number of players playing through the game each day and this popularity means that there will always be continuous updates for the experience and notably that more content will be added over time. Whether players are simply enjoying playing through various matches or trying to unlock certain camos, there is something for everyone. Of course, one camo that many players will be wanting to obtain is the Diamond camo. This guide article will take you through everything you need to know about how to unlock the Diamond camo in Call of Duty Mobile.

Unlocking the Diamond Camo in Call of Duty: Mobile

In order to unlock the Diamond camo, you will have to complete certain challenges to unlock it for each type of weapon. Some challenges will be quicker than others so you will likely unlock it for some weapon types before others. The table below lists every type of weapon that you can unlock the Diamond camo for and the challenge that you will have to complete.

Weapon Type Challenge to Complete
Assault Rifles You will have to get 10 kills with Assault Rifles for 250 different matches.
Launchers (Rocket Launchers etc) Destroy 100 UAVs for every Launcher in the game.
SMGs You will have to get 10 kills with SMGs for 120 different matches.
Melee Weapons Get 500 kills with each melee weapon in the experience.
Pistols You will have to get 10 kills with Pistols for 80 different matches.
Sniper Rifles You will have to get 10 kills with Sniper Rifles for 120 different matches.
Shotguns You will have to get 10 kills with Shotguns for 120 different matches.
LMGs You will have to get 10 kills with LMGs for 120 different matches.

As can be observed there are certainly a variety of challenges on offer. The challenges mainly consist of getting 10 kills with a certain weapon type in various matches, however. While you work through getting the challenges completed, you can focus on leveling up among other pursuits. Time to get busy with collecting the Diamond camos!

Call of Duty: Mobile is available now and can be downloaded for IOS and Android.

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