COD Warzone Diablo 4 Skins | Lilith & Inarius Release Date, Weapons, and Price

When can I play as Lilith and Inarius in Call of Duty?

by Noah Nelson
Screenshot: Activision

Call of Duty is getting some amazing crossover bundles in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone to prepare for Halloween. While you may be preparing your real-life costume to go trick-or-treating, you can get Lilith or Inarius in the Diablo 4 skin bundle coming to Call of Duty sooner than you think.

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COD Warzone Diablo 4 Bundle Release Date

It turns out that, while there might eventually be a Diablo 4 bundle that allows you to buy Lilith and Inarius in one purchase, at first there will be separate bundles for Lilith and Inarius.

The COD Diablo 4 Lilith bundle releases on October 15, two days before The Haunting event goes live. The COD Diablo 4 Inarius bundle releases on October 26, when The Haunting event is well underway.

COD Warzone Diablo 4 Bundle Price

Though the prices for the Lilith and Inarius bundles have not been revealed, based on what we know about previous crossover bundles, we’d expect both Diablo 4 bundles to cost around $19.99, or about 2400 COD Points.

This is our best guess for now, and we’ll know more when the dates for these bundles get closer.

All Weapons, Emblems, Charms, and Skins Included in the COD Diablo 4 Lilith Bundle

Screenshot: Activision

In the Lilith bundle, you get the Lilith Operator skin. You also get the Blood Petal Assault Rifle and Eternal Conflict SMG weapon blueprints which both feature bloodred Tracers and the Ascension Death Effect.

This pack also gets you the Daughter of Hatred finishing move, Wretched Death vehicle skin, Altar of Lilith weapon charm, Lilith’s Call sticker, Lilith’s Throne loading screen, and Summon Lilith emblem.

All Weapons, Emblems, Charms, and Skins Included in the COD Diablo 4 Inarius Bundle

Screenshot: Activision

In the Inarius bundle, you get the Inarius Operator skin. From there, you get the Fallen Angel SMG and Heaven’s War Sniper Rifle weapon blueprints. Both of these weapons come with their own Tracers and Effects.

You also get the Inarius Impaling finishing move, Heaven’s Castaway vehicle skin, Cathedral of Light weapon charm, Rogue Angel sticker, Archangel loading screen, and World Father emblem.

- This article was updated on September 29th, 2023

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