COD Warzone Whisker Tango Bundle: Release Date, Cat Skins, Weapons, and Price

Everything you need to know regarding the Whisker Tango Bundle for COD Warzone, including release date, price, skins, and more!

by Christian Bognar
Whisker Tango Bundle COD Warzone
Image: Activision

Call of Duty Season 04 Reloaded for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone has a confirmed release date of July 12, 2023. Along with this massive update comes the confirmation of new bundles for players to dive into and collect — for a price. One of the new bundles involves some kitten friends, sure to please animal fans! This guide will cover everything you need regarding the Whisker Tango Bundle, including the release date, price, weapons, and skins.

COD Warzone Whisker Tango Bundle Release Date

The Whisker Tango operator bundle will launch soon after the launch of COD Warzone Season 04 Reloaded, although an official release date for the bundle has yet to be confirmed. Considering most of the Season 04 Reloaded bundles have release dates within the first couple weeks after launch — we can assume the Whisker Tango Bundle will get the same treatment.

Everything Included in the COD Warzone Whisker Tango Bundle

The kitty-friendly bundle will include two skins — Sgt. Pspsps and Sgt. Sprinkles. You can get a glimpse of what these two critters look like on the official blog page for Call of Duty!

Additionally, the Whisker Tango bundle will include two weapon blueprints — the “Cat Scratch” Assault Rifle and the “Pouncer” SMG. The former is perfect for midrange combat, while the latter focuses on close encounters. Besides the weapon blueprints, players can also expect a free self-revive — replicating the idea that “cats have nine lives.”

Lastly, The Whisker Tango Bundle includes a new vehicle skin, a fishbone weapon charm, a Vynl, five stickers, and an emblem. We have yet to see an image of any of these items — but they will likely be cat related.

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COD Warzone Whisker Tango Bundle Price

Nothing good comes for free, and players must spend some of their hard-earned cash to try out the new Whisker Tango Bundle. Players can purchase the Whisker Tango Bundle once it’s available from the in-game shop for 2400 COD Points, which equals $19.99.

This looks to be the standard price of all bundles included in Call of Duty Season 04 Reloaded. For example, the new crossover with Call of Duty and the famous show The Boys consists of three bundles, each going for 2400 COD Points, or $19.99.

- This article was updated on July 10th, 2023

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