Control Foundation DLC – How to Get the New Shape Ability

Use the environment to your advantage.

by Diego Perez

The Foundation DLC for Control includes a brand new power called Shape, but it’s obtained in a way that’s significantly different from anything the main game has to offer. Shape is split into two parts, Create and Fracture, and the order in which you receive these parts is entirely up to you. Depending on which power you choose first, certain areas of the Foundation will be inaccessible until about halfway through the DLC. You can get both powers eventually, but the first one you choose will affect the opening hours of the DLC. This is how to get the new Shape ability in Control.

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How to Get the New Shape Ability in Control’s The Foundation DLC

Early on in the Foundation DLC for Control, you’ll be presented with a choice between two powers. The left option provides Create, which allows you to build crystals to create platforms, while the right option provides Fracture, which allows you to destroy crystals instead. Both are different forms of the expansion’s main ability, Shape, which allows for the manipulation of crystals in different ways. It’s important to note that you can get both abilities eventually. This decision only affects which part of the power you get first. You’ll only be locked out of the one you didn’t choose for an hour or two. Both are useful in their own ways, so just pick whichever sounds coolest to you at the time.

After completing the first two Rituals with the power you chose, you’ll be sent back to the same location where you chose the power initially. Here, you’re given the second power, whether it be Create or Fracture, and you’ll run through the tutorial segment as if you chose it the first time. Thankfully, you don’t miss out on any content for picking one power over the other. After completing this tutorial segment, you’ll now have access to the full breadth of the Shape ability, meaning you can both destroy crystals with your Service Weapon and create crystals using your powers.

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