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Control Foundation DLC – Which Power to Choose First

Choose between Create and Fracture.

by Diego Perez


Early on in the Foundation DLC for Control, you’ll be presented with a choice between two powers. Both powers, Create and Fracture, relate to the crystals that you may have seen upon first entering the new Foundation area, albeit in different ways. One allows you to create crystals for your own usage, while the other allows you to destroy crystals to open new passages. This is the first time a decision like this pops up in Control, so you might be asking yourself “which power do I choose?” Thankfully, both are obtainable eventually, but the one you pick first will shape your gameplay style in the beginning of the DLC.

Which Power to Choose in the Control Foundation DLC

The left option provides Create, which allows you to build crystals to create platforms, while the right option provides Fracture, which allows you to destroy crystals instead. Both are different forms of the expansion’s main ability, Shape, which allows for the manipulation of crystals in different ways. It’s important to note that you can get both abilities eventually. This decision only affects which part of the power you get first. As such, you shouldn’t think too hard about which one you end up picking. Both are useful in their own ways, and if you find something while exploring that requires the other power, you can always come back later thanks to Control’s open nature. The Foundation DLC for Control was designed with Shape in mind, meaning tons of challenges and secrets will be centered around the new power. There’s also another ability in the expansion, Shield Rush, which allows for more offensive use of the Shield ability.

The Foundation DLC is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC, but Xbox owners of Control will have to wait an additional three months to get their hands on the new expansion.

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