Cyberpunk 2077 Dogtown Saints Guide | Side With Nika or Anthony?

What's really going on in Dogtown's clinic?

by Diego Perez
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Dogtown is home to some of the toughest choices in Cyberpunk 2077, and Dogtown Saints is one of the murkiest quests in all of Phantom Liberty. There’s a free clinic set up in an old church in Dogtown that helps those in need, but Scavs have taken it over because of a personal vendetta. Mr. Hands sends you to meet his client, Odell, and handle the situation. There’s a Scav named Nika who really needs to talk to Anthony about her missing brother, and you need to defuse the situation. There’s a big choice to be made, so here’s a full walkthrough of the Dogtown Saints gig in Cyberpunk 2077.

Getting Into the Clinic

The first step of this quest is getting into the clinic. The easiest way is to sneak past the Scavs standing guard outside and make your way in through a broken window with some conveniently placed scaffolding leading up to it. You can also just walk through the front door but expect a firefight.

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There’s no penalty for killing or sparing the Scavs, so any playstyle is valid here. Sometimes the gigs in Phantom Liberty will keep track of your lethality, but this isn’t one of those cases. Defeat the Scavs and make your way to the basement to reach the real meat of this quest: the main decision. Save your game outside of Anthony’s office just in case, and then head inside to confront Nika.

Side With Nika or Anthony?

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At this point, Nika holds Anthony at gunpoint and demands to know where her brother is. You can either attack Nika to end the gig swiftly and cleanly, or you can let things play out and even encourage her while she interrogates Anthony.

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Without spoiling too much, attacking and killing Nika will immediately end the gig. You’ll get paid, but you won’t figure out what happened to her brother. If you let her interrogate Anthony and choose dialogue options that encourage her, you’ll learn the truth. Anthony won’t die either way if that’s what you’re worried about. Keep reading on for a full breakdown of each ending for Dogtown Saints.

What Happens If You Spare Nika?

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If you don’t draw your weapon, Nika will continue to interrogate Anthony. She’ll beat him up, but she won’t kill him. Keep choosing dialogue options in her favor, telling Anthony to give Nika her brother whenever you have the chance. He’ll eventually tell you that her brother is dead in the next room.

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The truth of the situation is that Anthony euthanized Nika’s brother in order to salvage his cyberware for use with other patients. In his eyes, her brother was basically a lost cause and was already going to die, so he tried to salvage what he could. It’s rough running a clinic in Dogtown.

What Happens If Nika Dies?

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If you attack Nika by choosing to draw your gun, you’ll have to kill her. The gig will immediately end once she’s taken care of and you’ll get paid all the same. Nothing changes with the clinic, but you won’t be able to learn the truth of what’s happening with the patients there. Once you leave the clinic, Mr. Hands will call you and congratulate you on a job well done.

- This article was updated on September 25th, 2023

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