10 Best Cyberpunk 2077 Builds

Are you trying to get the best Cyberpunk 2077 builds?

by Gordon Bicker
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Cyberpunk 2077 players have a vast array of builds that they can create for themselves and making the decision of which to use can be difficult — to say the least. There are many combinations that can be extremely effective but depending on your playstyle some are better suited to you than others. We have created a list for you in this article of the best Cyberpunk 2077 builds to use.

Best Cyberpunk 2077 Builds of All Time

Classic Monowire Build — Slice Your Enemies into Pieces

The Monowire build is very similar to the community-named “Lucy” build. This is because of how similar it is to her presumed build in Cyberpunk Edgerunners. For the build you will first need a Monowire and you can buy one from a Ripperdoc in the Kabuki Slums. While progressing through the game you will want to make sure you’re putting attribute points into Reflexes, Body, Tech, and Cool.

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There are many worthwhile perks to use along with the main attribute section of the build. I have listed the best of these below for you to pick and choose from when deciding upon what parts are most important in the build first to you personally.

  • Dragon Strike | Reflexes
  • Blessed Blade | Reflexes
  • Deathbolt | Reflexes
  • Ghost | Cool

Dragon Strike Increases Crit damage with blades by 40%, but that also increases by 1% for each Reflex perk level. If you also decide to choose Blessed Blade you will get a Crit Chance increase with blades by 10%. Ghost is brilliant for sneaking around with the Monowire since your detection time is increased by a total of 20%. Of course, Deathbolt pairs nicely with all of this since when you defeat an enemy, you will get 20% health restored, and movement will be increased by 30% for five seconds.

Any Blades perk will add a lot of value to the overall Monowire build so be sure to continually work towards unlocking those perks.

The Deadshot — Aim Your Sniper Carefully

If you are wanting a build focused fully on Marksmanship then an excellent sniper build will be what you need. First, get the “Breakthrough” sniper which is one of the best snipers in the entire game, I love the fact that it can fire through walls and hit targets on the other side. You will be able to get Breakthrough from Rancho Coronado in the Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Loot the leader at the end of that.

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In terms of the attributes you will most want to focus on, these will be Body, Reflexes, Cool, and Tech. You will want to ensure that you are putting as many perk points as you can into any of the related Crit Damage uppers. Along with this, if you acquire perks such as the aptly named “Sniper”, you are going to put fear into your enemies with how fast you work through them with headshots.

Best Netrunner Build — A Build for if Hacking is More Up Your Alley

A good Netrunner build should never be underestimated as they can turn the tide of any encounters you face in the game. The Attributes you will want to utilize the most are Intel, Tech, Body, and Cool. A weapon that has a fast-firing rate and also high damage will be a great choice for the build.

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Biosynergy and Mass Vulnerability should be some of the first perks that you acquire. Biosynergy in particular helps immensely I have found thanks to it recharging RAM during any battle you are in. Along with these perks, you can also get Quick Transfer, Assassin, and Master RAM Liberator.

One Punch Time — The Ideal Brawler Build

The “Gorilla Arms” Cyberdeck (modded as much as possible) is going to be a must-have for this build. You will get these for completing the main game so there is an absolute guarantee of you obtaining them. They will make your character’s hand-to-hand combat much more powerful and is the absolute key to this overall build.

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Attributes that you will want to put a lot of points into are Body, Cool, and Reflexes. Choosing perks relating to any melee will be especially useful for the build. You should also make sure to get the “Like a Butterfly” perk as quickly as possible since it will make it so that dodging doesn’t use any stamina. This is brilliant for when you are in any intense melee moments.

Shotty Shotgun Build — For Those Who Prefer to Get Up Close and Personal

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

In terms of shotguns, you will want to acquire Rebecca’s Shotgun which is without a doubt one of the most powerful shotguns in the game’s world. It is from Cyberpunk Edgerunners and was added to the game during a relevant update.

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Be sure to invest in Body and Cool as attributes. Investing points into Body helps especially with health and will add five health points with each level. When you are up close with the enemy, it is highly useful to have more health for your character. A perk tree you will want to almost fully upgrade is the Annihilation tree which will immensely increase your Shotgun Build’s effectiveness.

Sandevistan Build — Strike Fear into Your Enemy’s Hearts

Sandevistans are always a brilliant complement to any of your builds but when designing a build based fully around them it is important to have the best. For this, you will want the QianT Sandevistan Mk. 4 which will slow time down to 25% for 12 seconds and increase Crit Chance by 15%. However, the most important benefit of this Sandevistan is that any damage you deal, while it is active, is increased by 15%.

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This means that you will want to have weapons such as Moron Labe (Iconic) since it is the most powerful assault rifle to have. Of course, while the Sandevistan is active, you will increase that damage even more and also have the crit chance increase. For the build, you will need your Reflexes to be at least level 15 but be sure to focus on Body and Tech attributes.

Powerful Smart Weapon Build — Now I’m Freeee Aiming’

First thing first with this build, get the Divided We Stand Assault Rifle from the Stadium Love side quest in Rancho Coronado on the rooftops. This is one of the best Smart Weapons in the game and given the fact you don’t have to aim since it is a Smart Weapon it is brilliant to have. You can fire near the enemies and any bullets will automatically be en-route to your foes. However, there is also a headshot damage multiplier.

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Along with the weapon you will want to make sure you are focusing on Body, Tech, Reflexes, and Cool. Some perks which are absolute must-haves are Executioner and Savage Stoic. The perk Savage Stoic will increase the Assault Rifle’s damage by 35% if you are standing still while firing. Since the bullets automatically hone you have a lot of chance to do this.

Silenced Pistol Build — Sound of Silence

This build has been known about by the Cyberpunk 2077 community for a while and no matter what variation you opt for, the weapon Pride is always a major part of it. This is due to the headshot damage multiplier which is extremely important for staying in stealth and killing enemies efficiently. You will also need to attach a silencer (via the muzzle slot) to Pride.

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Body, Cool, and Technical attributes will be those you want to focus on leveling the most with relevant stealth perks, such as Ghost to go alongside your main weapon build.

Simple Juggernaught Build — Armored Tank

Sometimes a great build allows you plenty of variety and with this build, you can focus on whatever perks and attributes you would like. This is because the main brunt of the build is based on the armor which you choose. For the build you will want to obtain a full set of Legendary Corporate (Corpo) armor and you will have an extremely high rating of defense.

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The Game Hub on YouTube created an excellent video showcasing the precise locations of every piece in the set and how to get them — it is highly worth your time to gather the set.

Assassin’s Blade Build — A Samurai in the Flesh

For this particular build, I recommend following the same path of perks as found in the Monowire build, especially aiming to get the Deathbolt perk. However, in terms of weapons, you will want to get a blade (Katana) such as Tsumetogi from the Pisces side quest. This katana will have a 20% chance to (electrically) shock your enemies and also increases your overall electric resistance in the game.

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Now that you know some of the best builds in Cyberpunk 2077, you can get back into the action and begin to equip gear and level up everything necessary for them.

- This article was updated on July 10th, 2023

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