Dauntless How to Upgrade Weapons

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Dauntless features a variety of different weapons that you can use to take down Behemoths.  Each weapon must be crafted to use in the game, but once you get new weapons in Dauntless you’ll also want to start upgrading them.  This guide will explain how to upgrade your weapons in Dauntless and make them more powerful.

First and foremost if you’re looking to upgrade weapons, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re stocked up on Orbs as they will be one of the primary ingredients in the upgrade process.  You’ll also need some of the in-game currency to upgrade your weapons, but that’ll likely be much easier to get than the Orbs.

Now that you’ve got the crafting materials that you need to perform the upgrade, you’ll want to head over the Weaponsmith in Ramsgate.  Wils Bormen is located up the stairs and to the right from the starting point in the town hub.  Assuming that you have the weapon created and the required crafting materials shown at the bottom of the screen you can then perform the upgrade by selecting the weapon and pressing the X/A button.

If you do not have the required crafting materials you will be able to see what you are missing on the right hand side of the screen and below the upgrade icon.

Weapons can only be upgraded to a certain point, which is tied to your Slayer Level.

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