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Dauntless How to Use Cells

Extract cells from cores and use them in your loadout.

by William Schwartz

In Dauntless there are multiple ways to increase the power of your weapons and armor.  One is to upgrade your weapons or upgrade your armor, but you can further customize this equipment by using cells which provide different perks.

The cells are have multiple tiers and are earned by extracting them from Slayer Cores.  While this concept is introduced early on in Dauntless you can continue to unlock new cells and equip them in the new weapons and armor that you create.

There are multiple core extractors located in the Ramsgate town hub.  When you have cores available the extractor will have a gold icon over it letting you know there are new cores to unlock.  Depending on the type of core, you will get higher rarity cells from it.

Once you’ve unlocked cores you’ll need to head into the loadout screen to add these cores to your weapons or armor if they don’t have cells in them, or you can swap out new cells unlocks for old ones.  Cells have various perks, like the chance to deal double damage, increased movement speed, and others.  Each weapon has unique cells with perks that can add to your defense, technique, utility, and mobility.

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