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Days Gone How to Change Time and Make it Night or Day

Some missions will be easier if you wait for day or night.


In Days Gone there is a day night cycle that slowly changes as you play.  However, there are ways to advance time and change the game world from day to night or change it from night to day.  Depending on the mission you are on, it may be beneficial to change the time of day to make it night time or day time.  This guide will explain how to advance time in Days Gone.

Advancing time can be done in a number of different ways.  If you just stand in one place or adventure around the world, the time clock will continue to advance and you’ll be able to see the day and night cycles.  If you want to speed up this process there are a couple of different things you can do.  Once of them costs resources, but the other can be done at will.  Sleeping in a bunk is the easiest and cheapest way to advance time.

Make it Night or Day by Sleeping

Once you’ve found a bunk in Days Gone you can advance time and change the game from night to day.  Bunks can be found in encampments or out in the game world.  Simply look for the Zz icon on the map and this is an area that you can sleep and advance time.  You can use any bunk with the Zz icon on it and you do so by walking up to it and holding the Square Button.  Doing so will treat you to a short cinematic of time advancing with sun either rising or setting.

Advance time by Fast Travel

You can also advance time via fast traveling on your bike, but it will cost you a bit of fuel to do so.  Whichever location you want to fast travel to will give you a different level of time advancement.  You can see how much time will advance by looking at the card that pops up after you’ve hovered over the fast travel location that you want to go to.

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