Deceive Inc Tier List: Best Agents Ranked From Worst to Best

Who should you choose to become the best spy possible?

by Christian Bognar
Best Agents in Deceive Inc.
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Deceive Inc. puts you in the shoes of one of eight spies, each with unique abilities and playstyles. During your spy mission with friends, you will want to use the agent you choose to their maximum potential and outsmart the competition. While each agent in Deceive Inc. has their strengths, some are considered superior and should be your go-to over others. Here we will review all eight available agents in the game and rank them from worst to best.

This Deceive Inc. ranked list will focus on how well each character plays their specific role. There are four roles in the game: Vanguard, Tracker, Scoundrel, and Disruptor. And since each character can do a fine job if the right player controls them, this list will only go down to the B tier.

8. Madame Xiu – B Tier

Image: Sweet Bandits Studios

Madam Xiu plays the role of a Scoundrel with an automatic crossbow as a main weapon. This sounds great, but the automatic crossbow has a low damage output per shot, allowing her to give up her cover quickly once she starts attacking. She makes up for it a bit due to the fast reload speed and fire rate, but not enough to push her up a rank.

Her two abilities, Cobras Deceit and Vipers Knowledge, are handy during the match but have their downfall. Cobra Deceit allows Madam Xiu to leave behind a decoy, but it disappears when dealt any damage and doesn’t work on any out-of-cover rivals. Vipers Knowledge is helpful as it shows a logo when the cover is blown, but its downfall is that it doesn’t follow the competition or reveal who blew the cover.

7. Hans Moritz “Hans” – B Tier

Image: Sweet Bandits Studios

Hans takes on the Disruptor role, using a hand-mounted shotgun that features two different shooting modes. The gun has strength but a few weaknesses that make him difficult to play with — strong at close range, but low fire rate and a medium reload speed rate. It does help that one mode of the gun focuses on precise shots while the other mode makes it more powerful with a medium spray. So there is some player choice here.

Hans’s two abilities are Incapacitor Orb and Dreadful Presence. The former allows Hans to create an orb that removes the rival’s expertise and abilities. At the same time, the latter throws a wave of energy that exposes every rival location in proximity — blowing their covers. With two extraordinary abilities, you would think Hans would be ranked higher, but his difficult-to-use gun brings him down a notch.

6. Tamar Zaken “Ace” – B Tier

Image: Sweet Bandits Studios

Ace takes on the role of a tracker and has a primary weapon of a scoped sniper rifle. This weapon is very powerful but can be a huge pain when the player goes to reload the gun as it is prolonged to do so, and the fire speed is low as well. Ace has two helpful abilities, ranking her higher on the list than the others — Queens Gaze and her Passive skill.

Queens Gaze will instantly add a marker to the last hit rival or anyone found in the scope of the Sniper Rifle. This ability makes it helpful to find the opponent and plan your next attack while repositioning yourself on the map. It also helps that Ace’s passive skill deals bonus damage when she aims down sights.

5. Yu-Mi Kwon “Yu-Mi” – A Tier

Image: Sweet Bandits Studios

Yu-Mi is a Disruptor who uses a tactical slingshot as her primary weapon. This slingshot fires a very reliable and powerful pellet that can deal a lot of damage, but it does require some charge time and has a slower reload speed than most. Still, the damage you can deal makes up for the time it takes to get shots off.

Her abilities are top-notch, though, as they are designed to blow covers off over rivals. Her expertise — EMP Blast — has her equipping an EMP pellet in her slingshot that creates an impact that slows rivals, drains their cover, and also destroys their gadgets. This is a great way to get an advantage over the opponents through offense tactics while playing defense.

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4. Florence Jacques “Cavalier” – A Tier

Image: Sweet Bandits Studios

Cavalier is a tracker with dual-wield pistols that alternate during shots — each with powerful bullets that are effective at mid-range. They are powerful, but each gun has a fast fire rate and decent reload speed. Cavalier can be compared to Tracer in the Overwatch series regarding the play style.

What makes Cavalier special is her ability to investigate any object that a rival has interacted with — expertise called investigation. She can then use this information to track the rival in proximity and go on the hunt to take them out, making her outsmart the competition. Her passive also adds agility to her offense, where she lunges and deals bonus damage to any rival that tries to take her out.

3. Francois Claudet “Larcin” – S Tier

Image: Sweet Bandits Studios

Larcin is a special form of the Scoundrel role with the most unique weapon in the game. Larcin uses a throwable pocket pistol — yes, a pistol that he throws — that has good range, decent damage, an extremely fast fire rate, and reload speed. Once the gun’s magazine is empty, he throws it for bonus damage, which isn’t even his ability; it is just part of his reload animation.

Meanwhile, his abilities are helpful not only for him but also for his allies in proximity. For example, his expertise called Adieu will cause Larcin to become invisible while also speeding up all the partners close to him. Also, it helps that no damage or tool of detection can affect him when he is invisible, making him almost invisible in that regard. Using his passive skill, he can also steal the highest-valued item from rivals.

2. Ethan Chavez “Chavez” – S Tier

Image: Sweet Bandits Studios

Ethan Chavez takes on the role of a vanguard and is one of the best agents in the game at the moment. He is one of the best because his revolver is powerful at mid-range and has good reload speed and fire rate. But what makes him stand out is his abilities — Hard Boiled and Tough Luck.

Hard Boiled will make Chavez invincible for a short time, where he takes absolutely zero damage, and his interactions are limited so he can proceed to unlock doors for the rest of the team. Then you got his passive, Tough Luck, where he turns a portion of the damage he takes into a grey health bar that regenerates his health — so essentially, rivals dealing damage to him is just helping him heal.

1. Rupert Raid “Squire” – S Tier

Image: Sweet Bandits Studios

The best agent in the game goes to Rupert Raid, aka “Squire,” who plays the Vanguard role with many tricks up his sleeves. For one, his main weapon is a silenced pistol — making it hard for rivals to locate where his shots come from — which is super effective at close and medium range and a high fire rate and reload speed. His two abilities make him steal the show and make him the top agent for all players to choose.

Squire’s expertise, Eyes on the Prize, instantly detect valuable items in a large area right from the start, giving the whole team a massive headstart over the competition. The valuable items he detects will be highlighted for everyone on the team, making it the perfect way to devise a plan for the next steps. Also, his passive will make Squire speed up — making him get to all those highlighted items earlier at a quicker rate than the competition. These two abilities and his weapon make him the best teammate and agent in Deceive Inc.

- This article was updated on April 11th, 2023

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