Deceive Inc Update Roadmap: Upcoming Patch Schedule Timeline

Updates to improve your agent skills.

by Christian Bognar
Deceive Inc. Update Roadmap
Image: Sweet Bandits Studios

Deceive Inc. is a multiplayer-only title that puts players in the shoes of a spy who needs to use advanced gadgets while trying to extract a treasure hidden inside a vault. Sounds cool, right? If you ever wanted to play as a spy then this is your chance, and the game has many abilities and skills to make each match and character feel different. Sweet Bandits Studios, the developers behind the multiplayer title, have recently announced its roadmap for updates. Read on as we go over everything it has planned.

Deceive Inc. Planned Updates

Short-term Goals and April Update

Sweet Bandits Studios has some significant updates in the works to make the game an even better experience. For short-term goals, they are in the progress of bringing more balance to the game, downgrading overpowered agents, and fixing performance issues and stability.

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The first content update, which will be released this April, will include a new agent named “Scoundrel” and a whole new heat system. At the time of writing, we are still determining what the Heat System will entail, although the developers did talk about it briefly during the live Q&A session. The developers mentioned how killing any non-player will add up to three stacks of heat. In other words, killing a non-player will debuff your character and hurt you during the match.

More Future Updates

Now for the distant future—that is labeled as classified info for a release date—Sweet Bandits Studios plans to add more agents and a whole new map for players to enjoy. Also, custom lobbies will be added to the game eventually.

Most importantly, a Kill Cam feature will be added to the gameplay. This will allow players to get a chance to see how others defeated them. This Kill Cam will be very helpful in learning from mistakes and improving on strategies. While you wait for the official release date on the “classified info” updates, practice your spy skills with your friends through the game’s crossplay feature!

- This article was updated on April 10th, 2023

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