Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Haunted Sectors: Location, Headless Ones, and More

Time to go trick or treating!

by Noah Nelson


Festival of the Lost, the 2022 Halloween event, is officially here in Destiny 2 and the main activity is the Haunted Sector. In the Haunted Sector, you can farm Candy, progress through Festival of the Lost Challenges, and just have a great time. Here is everything you need to know about Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost.

How to Start the Haunted Sector in Destiny 2

To start the Haunted Sector, simply go to the glowing fire to the right of Eva and start the mission. You can also easily access the Haunted Sector by opening your map and selecting the Haunted Sector Playlist.

To start enjoying the Festival of the Lost, you’ll want to jump right into the Haunted Sector. Unlike Lost Sectors, you don’t need to search for it and it won’t rotate randomly each day.

How to Complete the Haunted Sector in Destiny 2

Though the Haunted Sector is a returning activity, if you are new or just need a refresher, here is how to complete the activity. First, you’ll launch into the Haunted Sector with two teammates. Once you are in the main room, your goal is to look for Ritual Circles. Stand in the circles to summon a Headless One.

Headless Ones are glowing purple and have pumpkins for heads. They are powerful enemies that have a yellow health bar, but can easily be killed with any gun. Once they are defeated, they drop five to six pieces of Candy, which is the Festival of the Lost main currency.

You’ll have around five minutes to summon 10 Headless Ones. If you have defeated 10 Headless Ones before the timer runs out, don’t leave the activity. Just wait because you aren’t done.

After the time is up, the last phase of the Haunted Sector begins. A final boss will spawn in. There are three damage periods. To break the final boss’s grey shield, stand in the ritual circles, kill the Headless Ones, and throw the pumpkin bombs at the boss. Around three pumpkin bombs drop per Headless One, and you’ll need around two or three to break the shield.

Do this two times, and you’ll defeat the final boss. Once that is complete, you’ll receive a chest full of Candy, Festival of the Lost weapons, and more. Any Candy you missed can be picked up by Kadi 55-20 at the Tower, so don’t worry about collecting every piece.

With the Haunted Sector done, you can return to Eva at the Tower and do it again. If you are looking for Festival of the Lost god rolls, quest help, or anything else, head over to our Destiny 2 page for more.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

- This article was updated on October 18th, 2022

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