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Destiny 2: How to Farm the New Lost Sector Exotics

Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer update adds 3 new Lost Sector Exotics


Destiny 2 Lost Sector Exotics have arrived in Season of the Splicer, bringing with it 3 brand new powerful armor pieces.

After the latest true Destiny 2 expansion Beyond Light was released, harder variations of the normal Lost Sector’s have shown up across the planets of the Sol System. Completing these Legend/Master difficulty Lost Sectors, provides ‘Rare’ and ‘Common’ chances for powerful Destiny 2 Lost Sector Exotic armor pieces to drop.


To farm some brand new and extremely powerful class-specific Exotic armor pieces, Guardians will have to jump into these Legend and Master difficulty Lost Sectors.

In Season of the Splicer, the three new Exotic Lost Sector armor pieces are:

  • (Hunter Legs) Star-Eater Scales: Allows Hunters to feast upon Orbs of Power, charging their Super more quickly and making it more potent.
  • (Titan Legs) – The Path of Burning Steps: Titan armor that converts Solar eliminations into increased weapon damage and makes them more difficult to lock down with Stasis.
  • (Warlock Boots) – Boots of the Assembler: Condenses a Warlock rifts’ healing or empowering energy into projectiles that seek out their allies to bless them with noble benefits.


To start, guardians will first need to unlock the Lost Sector difficulty variations. It is extremely easy to unlock them, simply complete the normal Lost Sector and loot the cache after killing the boss. Once the Legend or Master difficulty rotates onto an already completed Lost Sector, it will show up on your map (see above).

To actually farm the new Exotic pieces, Guardians will need to wait for the ‘Exotic Legs Armor’ tag to appear on the Lost Sector map icon.
The drop changes each day on a daily rotating schedule of Legend (Rare Exotic Drop Chance) and Master (Common Exotic Drop Chance) Lost Sectors.
Running these punishing missions with the Exotic Leg Drop active will need to be completed solo on each attempt.


In the Legend and Master versions of a Lost Sector, Guardians are only allowed 3 revives before being kicked out of the mission. These missions also have increased enemy numbers and buffs for enemies throughout the Lost Sector.
The current seasonal Legend Lost Sectors are 1310 recommended power while Master Lost Sectors are 1340 recommended power.


If you are above the recommended power level, completing them carefully will make short work of the mission. After farming for a while, you will receive a drop for the Exotic armor piece exclusive to the class you ran the mission solo with. For example, if you farm the mission with a Titan, the Titan Exotic Boots will drop.

Check this constantly updating page with up-to-date daily rotations to see if the ‘Exotic Legs Armor’ drop is available and where.

Good Luck hunting these powerful Destiny 2 Lost Sector Exotics Guardian.

If you would like to read the patch notes for the update, we have the full patch notes detailed here.

Stay tuned at Attack of the Fanboy for more info about Season of the Splicer as the season progresses.

Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia and PC.

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