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Destiny 2 How to Get Solstice Armor

Head to Eva to start the quest for Solstice Armor.

by William Schwartz


The Solstice of Heroes event has begun in Destiny 2 and you’ll notice a brand new statue located in the Courtyard of the Tower.  Eva Levante is standing next to the new statue and you’ll want to visit her to begun the quests that need to be completed to get all of the Solstice Armor pieces.

Speaking with her the first time she will give you the a “Drained” helmet which will be the first item you get to start the armor set.  Next, head over the new event in the EAZ (European Arial Zone).  You’ll find a mission that you can interact with to the right of the statue which has a recommended power of 200.  The mission will have you tracking down a powerful witch enemy and once it’s defeated you will need to complete a treasure hunt where nine chests need to be located.

Once complete, you can head back to Eva Levante who will praise your efforts and tell you to visit the statue.  You’ll kneel and meditate at the statue at which point you’ll get the remaining pieces of the Solstice Armor that you can begin to upgrade by completing challenges.

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