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Destiny 2 — Imperial Treasure Map — Diaviks Mine on Tangled Shore

Head for the Soriks's Cut Landing Zone on Tangled Shore.

by William Schwartz


The new week of Season of Opulence has added even more treasure hunt bounties to the game.  Complete Werner 99-40’s bounties and you’ll be sent on a treasure hunt for a reward.  The bounty for dealing 150 precision final blows will then send you to Diaviks Mine on the Tangled Shore to collect your reward.

You’re looking for a big cave in the side of the mountain on the right

When heading to the Tangled Shore and you’ll want to land at the Soriks’s Cut Landing Zone.  Assuming you have the treasure map item you’ll see the x on the map.  From the landing zone you’re gonna want to head into the big cave on the right side of the map.  There will be a grouping of Cabal guarding Diaviks Mine.  Use the image above for the cave you are looking for.


As you enter the cave you’ll reach a fork on the path where you can see a Skiff in the distance.  You cannot get there by going right, but that’s where you’re headed to get this treasure chest and collect your reward.  You’ll need to battle through more cabal until you reach the Skiff and open the treasure chest.

Completing this treasure hunt will also reward you with another completed Triumph so remember to head into the Triumphs menu to collect your reward for completing The Emperor’s Embrace.  This will reward you with 500 Imperials.

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