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Destiny 2 Imperial Treasure Map — Endless Gate Location on IO


Completing bounties for Werner 99-40 will send you on treasure hunts once you complete them.  After completing bounties they will turn into treasure maps, these treasures must be hunted down across the galaxy.  This guide will explain how to get the Endless Gate treasure on IO and complete the bounty to get your rewards of Imperials, Runes, and Powerful Gear.

The Endless Gate is an out of the way location on IO that can be pretty easy to miss.  You’re going to want to land at the Rupture Landing Zone to get to this treasure the fastest.  The Endless Gate is due south of the landing zone and you can get to the cave entrance by hugging the right boundary from The Rupture landing spot.  Head to the location on the map below to find The Endless Gate entrance and then head inside for your reward.


Outside of the actual entrance to the endless gate cave you’ll have to contend with some Vex, but this treasure will be relatively unguarded.  Once in the cave, you’ll have to pass through a number of tight caverns and then once it opens into a bigger room the treasure will be on the right.  Inside the chest will be various runes, imperials, and powerful gear which can be anything from exotic to legendary gear.

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