Destiny 2 In Memoriam Triumph Guide: All 12 Memories Locations in Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon

Here are the locations of all 12 messages hidden in Ghosts of the Deep.

by Noah Nelson
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There are 12 messages hidden throughout the Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon, and if you want to get the Ghosts of the Dungeon Title, you need to complete the In Memoriam Triumph. The 12 messages hidden throughout Ghosts of the Deep are disguised as little blue rocks. Here is how to find all 12 messages in Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep and complete the In Memoriam Triumph.

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How to Find All 12 Memories in Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep features large arenas, lots of platforming sections, underwater sections, and tons of nooks and crannies for messages to hide. Finding all 12 hidden messages to complete the In Memoriam Triumph can be hard, but follow this guide closely and you’ll unlock them all.

Besides being required for the Ghosts of the Deep Title, completing the In Memoriam Triumph increases the drop chance of The Navigator, the Exotic Strand Trace Rifle you can get from any Ghosts of the Deep encounter chest.

In Memoriam Messages #1 – New Pacific Arcology: Forest Room

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The first message in Ghosts of the Deep is in a room within the entrance chamber called New Pacific Arcology. To get to the room, go directly forward, following the muddy creek, and onto the plateau on the right covered with logs and twigs.

Through the cracks, you’ll drop into a room. Continue through the open door emanating red light. In the back right corner, near the bench and the broken sign, is where you’ll find the first message. Don’t worry, they get slightly easier from here on out.

In Memoriam Messages #2 – Drilling Platform: Broken Glass Room

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After completing the first Hive ritual encounter, you’ll drop down into an area called Drilling Platform. To continue forward, you need to jump through a hole in the grate wall.

While on this side, you need to scale up the pods on the sides of the wall and enter the room on the left with the broken glass. The second message is in the back of this room.

In Memoriam Messages #3 – Drilling Platform: Screens

Continue forward through the Drilling Platform section until you come across a room with blue and purple screens everywhere saying “our home.” Once here, jump onto the left wall of screens. You’ll see the third message sitting here in the far corner near the next door leading onward.

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In Memoriam Messages #4 – Hallowfathom: Central Column

  • Destiny-2-In-Memoriam-Triumph-Ghosts-of-the-Deep-Message-4-1
  • Destiny-2-In-Memoriam-Triumph-Ghosts-of-the-Deep-Message-4-2

After defeating the Hive, jump down through the tube in the Hallowfathom section. Now, jump onto the highest rotating platform.

While on the highest rotating platform, stand on the highest part of it near the central pillar. The fourth message is located on the wall of the pillar, so wait for it to rotate to the right place and collect it.

In Memoriam Messages #5 – Hallowfathom: Red Room

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Continue down the Hallowfathom part and enter the methane sea section. In this first room, go into the ajar door emitting red light. Inside, you’ll find bubbles and the fifth message.

In Memoriam Messages #6 – Hallowfathom: Walkway

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For the next Hallowfathom message, jump off the platform, and be sure to grab the bubbles on the way down. Land on the last platform in this section, the one with the fan in the middle of the platform.

Here, you’ll see the sixth memory on the walkway on the left. Walk to the left side of the left walkway to find it.

In Memoriam Messages #7 – Hallowfathom: Behind the Glass

  • Destiny-2-In-Memoriam-Triumph-Ghosts-of-the-Deep-Message-6-1
  • Destiny-2-In-Memoriam-Triumph-Ghosts-of-the-Deep-Message-7

For the seventh message, get out of the methane sea using the fan and jump down the tube that puts you right back in the methane sea. Continue forward and drop down again, ignoring the platforms since they aren’t necessary.

Once you’ve hit the bottom, exit the area through the cracked glass near the red light and turn left. Continue following the path left and you’ll get to message seven.

In Memoriam Messages #8 – Hallowfathom: Sea Floor

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After traversing through the platform section of Hallowfathom, you’ll enter the methane sea again and hit the sea floor. You’ll know it is the sea floor because it has sand, coral, and other broken machinery nearby.

Once you’re at the sea floor, turn left and go to the light a ways off. Remember to use every bubble you see and use them when your teammates are around so you can all refresh your Pressure Resistance.

In Memoriam Messages #9 – Hallowfathom: Sunken Hive Ship

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After finding the first secret chest, you’ll enter the methane sea again. You first need to jump over a valley and then you’ll see the sunken Hive ship.

Once there, turn right and enter the cave emanating yellow light. You’ll find the ninth message in the right cover near two bubbles.

In Memoriam Messages #10 – Wreckage: Drain Tunnel

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Finally, you’re out of the Hallowfathom and onto the Wreckage. At some point in Wreckage, you’ll come across a slanted wall with holes in it. I recommend entering the hole on the top level as far from where you entered as possible for the safest way to the next room.

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Once in the next room, you’ll see a waterfall coming from a Hive pipe on the right wall. Jump onto the Hive pipe on the left and then jump into the Hive pipe on the right, the one with the waterfall. The tenth message is in the back.

In Memoriam Messages #11 – Wreckage: Black Gate

After the first boss fight, you’ll exit the methane sea into a t-shaped room with Cursed Thralls. You’ll find message 11 on the other side of the black gate near where you entered.

In Memoriam Messages #12 – Final Boss: Lucent Hunter Room

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After you have defeated the final boss in Ghosts of the Deep, take the 600 seconds you have to get the twelfth and final message. This is found in the Lucent Hunter area, so travel through the methane sea and into that grotto.

On the top area, you’ll see a familiar green circle and Hive symbol. You need to walk to the other side of the waterfall to look at the Hive symbol through the green circle.

Go to where the Hive symbol was and you’ll see a small hole in the wall. Continue straight through it and you’ll find the last message at the back of the room by the red coral tubes.

- This article was updated on May 31st, 2023

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