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Destiny 2 – Season of the Worthy: Patch Fix Guide

If Cayde-6 were still around, he'd probably approve of these fixes.

by Jess Menga


Bungie has shared patch notes for the 2.8.0 update that was applied to Destiny 2 upon the Season 10 launch. While the season premier came with some hiccups of its own, this article covers the issues resolved and changes made by the patch, especially in regard to the game’s user interface and performance.

User Interface Fixes and Changes

  • Items should now be properly displayed in Collections.
  • Players should now receive a “Fireteam Chat Not Available” message when Steam is down.
  • Tracking a pursuit should no longer dismiss the Release Icon.
  • Correct icons should now appear during “The Other Side” mission.
  • Open Fireteam slots should no longer display after dismissing activity selection.
  • A placeholder tooltip should no longer appear while in Orbit.
  • Graphical corruption should no longer occur when navigating to the Seasons screen.
  • Rank 50 toast should no longer display overlapping numbers.
  • The Post-Purchase Animation should now be displayed as correctly aligned.
  • Launch Overlay should now dismiss when navigating to the Quests Screen.
  • Console Settings UI screen layouts should now match the PC experience to allow for future updates.
    • When focused, settings that use the carousel selection method can now be navigated with the d-pad.
  • A “favorite” indicator has been added over the player’s favorite finisher icon.
  • Game hint text has been added to loading screens.
  • Console players can now choose one of seven different colors for the reticle, matching the PC experience.
  • Completion State has been added to Seasons Pass Bonuses.
  • Categories are now added to the Quests Screen.
    • The Quest screen adds the following categories: New Light, All Quests, Shadowkeep, Seasonal, Playlists, Exotics, and The Past.
      • If there are no active New Light quests in a character’s inventory, this category will be hidden.
  • When there are new quest items available, the Quest tab should display a sheen animation that can be dismissed by hovering over the new quest item(s).
  • Comma separators have been added to the Glimmer count in the loot stream.
  • Players can now use the Left/Right buttons to change fireteams on the PvP Private Matches Launch Screen.
  • Players can now see which Seasons they own by looking at the Season Rank tooltip in the Seasons Screen.

Performance: Quality of Life & Bug Fixes


  • Improved client performance during the Cabal Psion’s Psionic Rupture ground attack.
  • Elite, Mini-Boss, and Boss nameplates should now correctly display as “friendly” when invading during Gambit matches.
  • The Hunter Tempest strike melee ability can now be performed when using PC controls where sprint is set to “Hold”.
  • The Titan Sunbreaker melee ability, Mortar Blast, should now more reliably deliver detonation damage in Crucible.
  • Friendly projectiles that travel along the ground such as Burning Maul and Voidwall Grenade should now pass through ally Titan Banner Shields.
  • Hunter Exotic “Liar’s Handshake” Cross Counter melee damage buff should now expire as intended after picking up a carry object (such as a Forge Battery).
  • Hunters should now show up on a player’s radar more quickly when crouched and coming out of invisibility.
  • Getting killed by The Cut and Run scout rifle should now properly display an Obituary icon in the battle feed.
  • Ranged melee abilities from character subclasses should now count towards melee kill bounties and Triumphs.
  • Weekly Strike bounties for Hive and Vex boss kills should now award progress to players for killing Savathûn, Xol, and the Dendron the Root Mind.
  • The Inspect Player function for the PS4 “Jumper” button layout should now properly trigger as indicated by holding L1+R1.
  • Hunters should no longer be able to glitch into an “immune to damage” state using a Sword and the Card Shuffle emote.

Player Identity

  • The Crucible Triumph, Challenge Accepted, now requires 10 Weekly Challenges to complete.
  • Additional Bounties from Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit vendors should now progress their corresponding Daily Bounty Triumphs; Vanguard Agent, Mercenary, and Daily Bounty.
  • The Fastidious Miser Triumph should progress correctly, completing for players who have found all 30 Ascendant Chests in the Dreaming City during the three Curse Weeks and have claimed the corresponding Triumphs.
  • The “Earned while leveling” mods should now properly show as unlocked across all categories in Collections.
  • The duplicate Worldline Zero Catalyst Triumph entry has been removed.
  • The Black Talon Catalyst Triumph should now correctly progress and complete from Black Talon kills, instead of from kills made with Lord of Wolves.
  • The Forsaken Triumph, WANTED: The Rifleman, can now be obtained from either killing the Rifleman or upon completing the corresponding Adventure mission.


  • The sound effects from Warlock Exotic “Transversive Steps” should only trigger when a player has reserve ammo for their current weapon.
  • Black Armory Schematics can now be dismantled and should delete a single Schematic from the stack per dismantle.
  • Playing with Clanmates should no longer hinder a player’s progress in obtaining the MIDA Catalyst, and drop rates have been adjusted and should now properly scale with the Clan “Catalyst Seeker” Perk bonus.
    • A drop chance has been added for wins at Glory Rank 3 Fabled (5% without Clan bonus or 10% with Clan bonus).
    • A drop chance for wins at Glory Rank 4 Mythic has been increased (5% > 10% without Clan bonus or 10% > 30% with Clan bonus).
    • A drop is now guaranteed for any win at Glory Rank 5 Legend.
  • The Well Well Well Gambit Invasion Medal Triumph now has an icon.
  • The Prime Attunement buff should now appear for any new characters upon reaching 900 Power, even if a previous character was deleted.
  • Tess Everis should no longer present an empty Solstice of Heroes Gift screen.


  • The Rifleman will no longer occasionally disappear during the boss fight and prematurely end the mission.
  • The Crucible quest step “Forging the Broadsword – The Constant” now points players to completing Crucible Daily Bounties.
  • The Malfeasance Exotic quest no longer requires players to own the Forsaken expansion.
    • Players who pick-up the New Light Malfeasance Intro quest should now be awarded the “Darkness In the Light” quest step upon killing the Ascendant Servitor Primeval boss.
  • Players should now be able to correctly place the tribute banner to open the Tribute Hall doors and effectively complete “The Tribute Hall” introduction quest.
  • The final boss fight of Garden of Salvation Raid should have improved performance.
  • Players should no longer be able to cause other players to be kicked to Orbit during Crucible matches by repeatedly performing Titan Bubbles and Warlock Wells of Radiance.
  • Players should no longer have to wait for others to load in when traveling to the Tower.


  • Music volume should play immediately rather than after the Bungie splash screen.
  • Slow load times for some PC users when the game wasn’t in focus should now be fixed.


  • The Pigeon and the Phoenix lore book pages are now visible for players who earned them, and acquiring the Bastion Exotic weapon should unlock all pages.
  • Dawning 2019 Gifts can now be safely discarded.
  • The Dawning Exotic Sparrow pursuit can no longer be acquired from Eva’s abandoned quests section during other events.
  • Gambit and Crucible melee kills bounties should now properly count projectile melee abilities like Celestial Fire, Ball Lightning, and Throwing Knife.

This list is part of a series on the Destiny 2 patch for the Season of the Worthy update. Check out the rest of the 2.8.0 patch notes in this master guide.

- This article was updated on:March 11th, 2020

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