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Destiny 2 – Season 10 Issues to Know before Your Next Login

OOOH. Bugs on the field... avoid them before they find and squash you.

by Jess Menga


Less than twenty-four hours before the time of this posting, Bungie released the Season of the Worthy with Patch 2.8.0 for Destiny 2. Almost instantly, there were problems, and servers were briefly taken back offline for emergency maintenance. But right before the new season was even released, the publisher took to social media to warn players about known issues to avoid in the game, despite the patch that has since been released in all its bug-stomping enormity.

Often it may seem that when one bug is squashed, two more come to the surface for game developers, but with a more insidious bug out in the world (Covid-19, which is unfortunately not the name of a friendly Exo Guardian, but a threat looming over the entire industry), the developers are momentarily limited to working within the confines of their own homes.

While they haven’t been able to resolve certain problems just yet, the dev team still wants you to be aware of the top issues they are investigating so you can avoid potential setbacks. The publisher is aware that issues not covered in their warning may still be encountered in game, and they encourage players to contact Support with any concerns. This article covers only the information Bungie deems most vital for players to know at this time (as in, be aware that these issues are entirely subject to change).

Top Issues to Know About


  • The bomb placements and waypoints on the Eternity map in the Crucible’s Countdown game mode are either in the incorrect location or are not visible in the first round.
  • Nightfall warnings that require players to have certain mods equipped do not account for teammates’ loadouts.

Bounties and Quests

  • The Seraph Bunker Upgrades incorrectly list the requirements for upgrade completion:
    • For the EDZ Tier 1 Bunker Upgrade, complete challenges from Zavala, Shaxx, Banshee-44, the Drifter, and Hawthorne.
    • For the Moon Tier 1 Bunker Upgrade, complete Vanguard Strikes, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, and Nightmare hunt challenges.
    • For the Io Tier 1 Bunker Upgrade, complete Flashpoint, Dungeon, and Raid challenges.
  • You will need to speak with Rasputin on Io during the Authentication Protocol quest step of the Seraph Warsat Network quest.
  • Tokens from the Wish Ender quest that are not retrieved from the Postmaster before they are lost cannot be reacquired.
  • If you Cross Save to a platform that does not have Forsaken, trying to complete the exotic quest for Truth may cause you to lose access to the quest.


  • Even if your chalice is perfected, the Wealth of the Emperor buff will not disappear.
  • The Warlock Arc Web grenade perk will not currently return energy, nor will it chain nearby enemies with lightning.
  • The Hunter’s Weighted Knife will miss critical damage spots on Vex Goblins.


  • If you try to purchase the Painted Eye Shell with Bright Dust, you will receive the Beautiful Gravities ship instead.


  • After using your Super, Devil’s Ruin may not fire correctly.
  • Dunemarcher’s Linear Actuators perk will not activate after you trigger it on yellow bar enemies.
  • If you’ve equipped Phoenix Cradle boots, the Sun Warrior buff won’t work with Sunspots from enemy kills.
  • Polaris Lance’s 5th shot explosion will cancel if fired continuously.


  • Rewards might not be present in the encounter chests in Garden of Salvation.
  • Progress might not be received on Crucible or Iron Banner bounties and quests.
  • The brightness slider may not work when using HDR, and dark areas will hardly be visible.


  • Dreaming City world chests will not give you Glimmer.
  • A fully masterworked and modded armor piece will show that it can no longer be upgraded if you swap its energy, but exiting and re-entering the armor details screen will allow the armor piece to be re-upgraded.
  • The Planetary Material Auto-Collection Bunker upgrade will not award the right amount of planetary resources.
  • The Rifle Reserves mod will not grant you extra rifle ammo reserves.
  • The Anti-Barrier mod will prevent other explosive damage on bows, including Explosive head.

PC-Exclusive Concerns

  • If your Forsaken licenses did not transfer from Blizzard to Steam, you should retry PC migration. You may need to log into Destiny 2 on Steam before retrying migration.
  • Various issues regarding PC migration have been reported by players and are currently under investigation. You can retry migration through Bungie’s PC migration page.
  • After verifying the integrity of game files, you may receive “Problem Reading Game Content” errors.
  • Offline players in Clans will not have their name displayed, but will instead show as Offline.

Triumphs and Collections

  • Iron Banner will no longer double your progress for the In Pursuit of Honor Triumph.
  • Ghost Scan 132 is no longer available on Nessus.
  • Until you’ve earned the Trials of Osiris emblems and Collection category items, they will not be visible in your Collections menu.
  • There is no Heroic version of the Seraph Public Event. Instead, the Seraph Public Event Completions Triumph only tracks successful Public Event completions.
  • You will not be able to reacquire the Playin’ the Odds emblem from the Collections. As a temporary workaround, you can reset your Infamy rank three times during the season to guarantee that the emblem will drop with the “Ludomaniacal” variant.
  • You will not be able to obtain the Forged in Fire Crucible badge.
  • Some Triumphs have a progress bar even if they only require you to complete one objective.

Other Important Info

  • If your Clan Roster does not load, remove accounts from the clan that have been inactive for an extended period of time.
  • Season Passes are applied to the first account that signs in. Those who plan to Cross Save but wish to use another set of characters are advised to set up Cross Save before logging in.
  • Gear mods will unlock on accounts only once they are reacquired.
  • Universal Ornaments will only be visible on pieces of Armor 2.0 (certain Legendary pieces) with an Energy cost displayed.
  • Seasonal consumables will be deleted at the end of the Season of the Worthy.

In addition to avoiding these known bugs, be sure to look out for the master guide to the Season of the Worthy 2.8.0 upgrade, where I break down all of the changes and fixes of the season into manageable, comprehensive chunks.

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