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Destiny 2 Sinking Docks Lumina Quest Location

Land at Siren's Watch and head straight towards the Sinking Docks

by William Schwartz

Once you’ve started the Lumina Quest you will get an item that will allow you to continue on your quest by collecting a hidden treasure.  This treasure is unique because it can be in any number of locations and will change over time.  One such area is the Sinking Docks area of IO.  While this is actually one of the easier ones to find, we’ll run you through how to get there quickly so you can get on your way to completing the other quest steps.

To start, you’re going to want to land on Titan at Siren’s Watch.  From there you’re going to head hard right towards the Sinking Docks.  After battling through some hive enemies you’ll come across an area of broken ladders and walkways that leads downwards under the rig.   This area is mostly colored in red and will have numerous Hive enemies waiting.  The chest is just as you enter this area near the first Hive enemy.


If you need further help in pinpointing this treasure chest you can use the map above.  Since the Sinking Docks is a named location on the map, this one is pretty easy to find.

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