Diablo 4 Uldur’s Cave Location: How to Get Aspect of the Damned

This guide will cover Uldur's Cave location and how to get Aspect of the Damned in Diablo 4.

by Christian Bognar
Aspect of the Damned Diablo 4
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The number of builds players can develop in Diablo 4 is outstanding. Players can make their builds using legendary weapons, equipment, skills, aspects, and many other ways. Aspects are used to grant these builds huge buffs in a specific department — such as increased damage or status resistance. One of the best Aspects in the game is located in Uldur’s Cave “Aspect of the Damned.” This guide will cover Uldur’s Cave location and how to get the Aspect of the Damned in Diablo 4.

How to Find Uldur’s Cave Location and Get Aspect of the Damned in Diablo 4

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To get the Aspect of the Damned in Diablo 4, players must head to Uldur’s Cave, located in the Kehjistan region on the western side of the map. Head to the Gea Kul fast-travel point and head north. You can find Uldur’s Cave’s exact location in the image attached to this guide.

Once inside Uldur’s Cave, you will be tasked to destroy three barriers found within. Inside this cave, you will go against poisonous Scorpions and other beasts that are pretty challenging, so it is recommended to be a high level before trying to complete this dungeon. I was level 55 when I tried this dungeon and died once — but it was still manageable.

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Once you have destroyed all three barriers and defeated every enemy inside Uldur’s Cave, the game will notify you that you have completed the dungeon and will be rewarded with Aspect of the Damned.

The Aspect of the Damned in-game description is as follows: “You deal 30% increased shadow damage to enemies afflicted by both Decrepify and Iron Maiden.” This is a Necromancer-only aspect, so if you are in any other class — there’s no reason to complete this dungeon other than to gain experience points.

How to Use Aspects in Diablo 4

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Players must head to any Occultist location to use the Aspects in Diablo 4. I usually use the Occultist in Kyovashad, but any will do. Once at the Occultist, speak to him and select the item that you would like to merge with Aspect of the Damned. Considering that this specific Aspect is offensive, it can only be attached to weapons. Imprinting Aspects will cost materials — such as Veiled Crystals and Baleful Fragments — and gold.

- This article was updated on June 14th, 2023

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