How to Farm Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4

Here is how you can farm Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4.

by Christian Bognar
Veiled Crystals Diablo 4
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Veiled Crystals are an essential material in Diablo 4 that can help upgrade armor and weapons at the Blacksmith. Veiled Crystals are commonly needed for the higher upgrade levels and can be the best way to raise your characters stats. But how can you find Veiled Crystals, and is there a way to farm them quickly? This guide will cover how to farm Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4 to help with your upgrading needs.

Ways to Farm Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4

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Veiled Crystals farming in Diablo 4 boils down to salvaging as many rare items as possible. The more enemies you kill, the higher your chances for rare armor and weapon drops. Take all the rare armor and weapons to the Blacksmith and scroll over to the Salvage tab, where you can salvage all of them for a chance at getting Veiled Crystals.

Rare-tier items have the highest chances of rewarding the player with Veiled Crystals when salvaged but are not guaranteed. There have been times when I have only received Rawhide and Iron from rare items. I have had the best results in getting rare-tiered items that include Veiled Crystals by killing enemies in dungeons and completing events around the map.

Note: Rare-tier items’ color indicator is gold.

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How to Upgrade Gear in Diablo 4

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After salvaging all the rare-tiered items you could find — it is time to upgrade your gear. This can be done at any Blacksmith location and is as simple as scrolling over to upgrade and selecting the item you would like to upgrade. Players can upgrade each piece of gear and weapon three to five times (depending on rarity), and each upgrade level will increase its stats and potentially add additional buffs, perks, and sockets for gems.

Besides the necessary materials, players will need enough in-game currency to complete the upgrade. The best way to get loads of money in Diablo 4 is to sell equipment you don’t need. I usually salvage half my inventory and sell the rest — this way, I get enough materials and money for upgrading.

- This article was updated on June 6th, 2023

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