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Disgaea RPG: Best Starter Unit

Let's see who to pick for starting out your journey

by Victor Vellas


There is no shortage of quirky characters in Disgaea RPG, but who of them all is the best starter unit you can possibly pick, to speed up the process of the early stages of adventuring in the Netherworld? The game’s English version has just released, and it is no wonder players are looking for the best characters to raise, since resources in any gacha game can be scarce. Fortunately enough, Disgaea RPG’s JP version has been out for a while, so we are already aware of who to pick with your first reroll.

Best starter unit in Disgaea RPG

We’ve already listed down every 4* unit in their respective Tiers in our Tier List for April 2021, but who among them is actually the most preferable for when you start the game? A character can be very powerful in the overall scheme of Disgaea RPG, but when you are a new player you need to consider a couple of things, instead of just ‘who is the strongest’.

Some example factors you need to think of are AOE farming capabilities, longevity in the game in terms of how relevant the unit will be in the long run, team composition and others. From all the starting characters that exist right now in Disgaea RPG, only three fit most of these factors, with barely one able to truly shine as the best starter.

That would be Desco, the Death/Extermination Submersible Combat Organism as she is often called (not really). The reason Desco is so highly valued, is due to her AOE prowess. She is the only starter 4* unit that has a very low cost AOE skill, and in result she speeds up the process of early game farming and story progression, greatly. Not only that, but she is relevant for quite a long time based on the JP servers, making her a great choice overall.

There are equally capable Overlords to choose from, namely Laharl and Valvatorez, however those two are not able to speed up any kind of progress. Their skills remain single target, leaving them a step behind for anyone who just wants to push the game fast to end-game content. That said, if you just accept the fact that things will go slower by picking any of them instead of Desco, their kit remains top tier, especially for boss fights.

Disgaea RPG is still in its early phases as it was just released, so expect many things to change including the game’s Tier List, and quite possibly the fact of who is the best starter unit. Until that time comes though, Desco is the clear winner.

Disgaea RPG is available now on Android and iOS. For anything else related to the game, make sure to check the rest of our guides right here.


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