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Disgaea RPG: Reroll Guide

Here is how to roll for your favorite characters

by Victor Vellas


Rerolling for your favorite characters in mobile gacha games is as old as the genre itself, and in Disgaea RPG this trend is still present, hence why in this reroll guide we are going to see how you can actually start out with the heroes of the Netherworld that you want, and not the ones given out to you randomly. The game is finally released globally, with thousands of players currently logging in and what would be the best time to analyze this, if not now.

How to Reroll in Disgaea RPG

Disgaea RPG makes a great choice by letting players reroll right when they start the game, for their favorite character among the starting Overlords that exist in the game. However, that specific reroll is for the starting character only, so it’s not that impactful as your first pulls from the game’s starting banners, where you get multiple units. That’s what we are aiming for in this article, to get the most out of our first ‘free’ pull that you can do in Disgaea RPG.

Right after you finish the tutorial, you are able to claim all of the goodies that exist in your mailbox. Those are enough resources for your first x10 pull, making it an essentially free pull from the get-go. You will know when you reached that point, since it’s literally the first time you can actually click on somewhere else in the screen besides where the game tells you to.

When you reach that point, take your chances with your first pull. If the results are not what you wanted, if you wish to reroll, you need to start the game over. Go ahead and follow step by step the guidelines below, to do so:


  • Close the game and then look into your Android folder, in your device’s storage.
  • Locate the OBB folder and then look for the folder com.boltrend.disgaea.en. You will be able to see the OBB file, which is the game’s donwloaded file.
  • Move this file to anywhere else you want and clear all of the data for Disgaea RPG from your device. Go to your device’s settings > apps > Disgaea RPG, and clear everything you see.
  • Then, bring back the file you moved prior (, to com.boltrend.disgaea.en in the OBB folder.
  • If you have done all of the above, boot your game once more and you will be prompted to log-in with your Google Play account. DO NOT do this, and simply join as a guest. If you succeed on logging in, you will have a new game started and the process would be successful.
  • Rinse and repeat the same process, until you get the characters you want from that pull.


(same process, but this one is an alternative method, in case the one above doesn’t work)

  • Restart the game and instead of logging in, go to ‘Menu’ at the top-left of the screen.
  • Choose User Center > Change Account > Login through another account.
  • Only do this if the method above doesn’t seem to be working, as it’s limited.

With that, this is the whole process, step by step, as to how you can reroll in Disgaea RPG. For the time being, there are not a lot of superb options you can choose from in terms of characters, as the game was just released. If you’d want my personal suggestion, I would go for Valvatorez or Desco. Laharl is a great third option, but overall the first two seem like the best picks for now. Valvatorez is a very strong leader and DPS character for single target with some utility usage on the side, with Desco being an AOE farming machine, for early on in the game.

Disgaea RPG is available now on Android and iOS. For anything else related to the game, make sure to check the rest of our guides right here.


- This article was updated on:April 13th, 2021

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