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The Division Guide: How to Farm Phoenix Credits for Better Weapons and Gear


Phoenix Credits in The Division are the end-game currency that allows you to purchase high-end items and gear from special vendors across New York City.  Unlike Dark Zone Currency and the game’s standard currency, Phoenix Credits can be used for a couple of different purposes — They can be used to purchase gear, weapons, mods, blueprints, and re-roll stats.  For The Division end-game players Phoenix Credits can help your character become more powerful to tackle the game’s toughest challenges.  So the big question  is:  Where do you get Phoenix Credits and how do you farm them?


Important Note:   You can grab a stack of 30 Phoenix Credits once you reach level 30 from the Ubisoft Club.  This isn’t enough to buy anything, but it’ll get you going in the right direction.  To collect these credits, you must visit a special vendor in the Base of Operations.

Method 1:  Daily Missions (Hard)

Once you’ve reached level 30 in The Division, you’ll now have access to a number of daily missions that can be played on a higher difficulty to earn Phoenix Credits.  These missions must be played on the hard difficulty, and it’ll reward you with 15 Phoenix Credits for completing them.  These credits can be earned once per day for each mission.  These can be completed by a lone agent pretty easily, but an experienced team of level 30 players can cut through these pretty quickly.


Method 2:  Daily Missions (Challenging) or Challenging Missions

Challenging Missions are The Division’s toughest challenges since launch, and they also offer the best rewards.  Completing the Daily Challenging Mission will earn you 45 Phoenix Credits, plus gold crafting materials and gold gear item.  Once the daily challenge has been completed, you can still do these Challenging missions to earn additional Phoenix Credits as well as additional Gold Gear.  However, the payout is a little less.  You’ll only earn 30 Phoenix Credits in subsequent playthroughs.  Farming Phoenix Credits by doing Challenging Missions can be time consuming as the difficulty is higher, it takes a considerably longer amount of time to complete the mission.

Method 3:  Defeating Dark Zone Named Enemies

Defeating Dark Zone named enemies will earn you Phoenix Credits as well.  These are characters with names above their health bar who are found in the Dark Zone.  The number of credits that these characters drop has been fluctuating since launch.  Previously they had been dropping around 15 credits, while more recently that number has dropped to between 1 – 3.  Since mobs repopulate in the Dark Zone, simply roaming around will allow you to stumble on to these encounters. Searching Landmark areas are a good spot to start when looking for these powerful foes. Defeating these named enemies or “Elite” enemies will also give you a good chance at getting a purple or gold drop.


The Division players have found a new way to farm Phoenix Credits, by constantly fighting the boss near the Autumn’s Hope safehouse. The Level 30 Boss named Bullet King will drop Phoenix Credits and High-End Gear and can be repeatedly fought since he’s located so close to the respawn area. You can check out a video of this new exploit here. Ubisoft has already responded to the “exploit” and will likely patch it very soon.

Now that you’ve got the Phoenix Credits what do you do with them?

You can take them to the games many vendors to spend for high-end weapons, gear, mods, and other items to help you increase and customize your character’s attributes.  Check out this guide on how to earn High-End Items for more information on these special vendors and their locations.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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