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Does Deathloop Have Crossplay?

What is the status of cross play for multiplayer in Deathloop?

by William Schwartz


Arkane Studios latest game, Deathloop, has released with it’s unique brand of multiplayer in tow.  Releasing on the PlayStation 5 and on PC it’s only natural for players to wonder if they can play with their other friends on different platforms via cross play. In this guide we’ll explain the status of cross play in Deathloop.

How to play Crossplay in Deathloop

While Deathloop does allow for many different multiplayer options it does not offer cross play.  You can only play with others that are on the same platform that you are on.  If you are playing Deathloop on the PlayStation 5 you will be playing against other PS5 players.  The same goes for PC players, you will need to play against other players on Steam.

It might not be clear about the online components of Deathloop out of the gate as multiplayer doesn’t unlock for a good bit into the experience.  You can also change how multiplayer works, you can disable the online component all together if you want. With so many different options for multiplayer players, it’s a little odd that crossplay isn’t in Deathloop considering how many games feature it nowadays.

Perhaps when the game arrives on Xbox and Game Pass next year the online offering will be bolstered to allow for cross play experience though Arkane has made no comments that this would be the case.

Deathloop is currently available as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive and on PC via Steam .

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