Does Gears Tactics Have Multiplayer?

Can you take on the locust horde with a friend?

by Diego Perez

Gears games tend to have excellent multiplayer components, both competitively and cooperatively, but does Gears Tactics offer the same online functionality? Gears Tactics is a very different game than traditional Gears of War games, portraying the action in a turn-based style from a top-down perspective rather than an over-the-shoulder third-person one. The change in genre makes something like Team Deathmatch or King of the Hill very difficult to pull off, and the same goes for cooperative modes like Escape and Horde. Turn-based strategy games have had multiplayer modes in the past, though, so does Gears Tactics have any sort of multiplayer?

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Does Gears Tactics Have Multiplayer?

Gears Tactics does not have any form of multiplayer. The game is strictly single-player. There aren’t any competitive multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch and there isn’t a cooperative Horde mode, either. Gears Tactics does not even have a cooperative campaign. You can only play the game by yourself. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however. Gears Tactics is a very different game than its predecessors, and it not having any online modes was a deliberate decision made by the development team. Instead of offering some sort of online connectivity, Gears Tactics features a very long campaign that is easily the longest campaign in any Gears game. There’s also a robust endgame that allows you to run endless missions in order to continually build your perfect squad, acquiring new gear and loot along the way. If you just want to see the story through to the end, then just getting through the main campaign will take more than 20 hours.

Gears Tactics is currently available only on PC, but the game will come to Xbox One sometime in the future. Microsoft has yet to announce an official release window, but it is likely that the game will see a console release later this year, perhaps even on Xbox Series X.

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