Doom Eternal – How to Beat the Khan Maykr Boss

Put the Meat Hook to use.

by Diego Perez

Doom Eternal features tons of challenging boss fights, and the fight with the Khan Maykr is one of the most unique encounters in the whole game. The Khan Maykr fight isn’t the final boss, but most of the game has been leading up to this point. This encounter plays by different rules than the rest of Doom Eternal’s fights, requiring the use of the Meat Hook mod for the Super Shotgun. All in all, it isn’t too terribly different from your standard ripping and tearing procedure, but it can throw unprepared players off guard. This is how to beat the Khan Maykr boss in Doom Eternal.

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How to Beat the Khan Maykr Boss in Doom Eternal

The Khan Maykr fight is one of the easiest boss encounters in all of Doom Eternal. She doesn’t have that much health and she can be killed fairly quickly, it’s just that the method of doing so is a bit unorthodox. Shooting the Khan Maykr is only the first part of the plan. She’s protected by several shields that serve as her health bars. These shields can be depleted by shooting at her, but you have to do something special to prevent them from recharging after a few seconds. Once you whittle down one of the health bars, you need to use the Meat Hook mod on the Super Shotgun to grapple up to the Khan Maykr and use your Blood Punch to completely destroy the shield. You’ll need to repeat this once for every health bar the boss has.

The biggest threat to you in the Khan Maykr fight is not the Khan Maykr herself, but rather the Maykr Drones she summons throughout the fight. These can quickly be dispatched with a headshot, though, and killing them in this manner causes them to explode with health and ammo. At certain points during the fight, the Khan Maykr will also ignite certain areas of the arena, so keep on the move and avoid these areas to stay alive. The Khan Maykr’s health bars don’t take that much damage to deplete, especially if you use something like the Lock-On Burst mod for the Rocket Launcher, so this fight shouldn’t last very long at all.

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