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Doom Eternal – How to Get Blood Punch

Enhance your melee abilities.

by Diego Perez


Melee attacks have never been the most powerful option in Doom games (outside of glory kills), but Doom Eternal spices things up with an explosive melee attack called Blood Punch. Blood Punch is obtained very early in Doom Eternal’s campaign, and it can really enhance your close-range capabilities. This is how to get Blood Punch in Doom Eternal.

How to Get Blood Punch in Doom Eternal

The Blood Punch ability is acquired in the second mission of Doom Eternal’s campaign, Exultia, just like the Dash ability. Blood Punch is impossible to miss, as it’s required to progress through the level. You’ll know it when you see it. It’s a giant yellow glove marked with an objective marker. Simply walk into it to acquire Blood Punch.

Blood Punch is an incredibly useful ability as it transforms your normal punch into a powerful melee attack with a huge blast radius. It’ll kill groups of weak demons instantly, and it’ll take a large chunk of health away from elite demons like Hell Knights, too. You can’t just throw it out whenever you like, though, because it’s charged with glory kills. Although Blood Punch is already a super stong ability, it’s usefulness can be enhanced even further with certain Runes.

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