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Doom Eternal – How to Get Dash

One of the game's most useful abilities.

by Diego Perez


Movement is key in Doom Eternal, and while you start off with a double jump, your moveset will quickly expand with a new Dash ability that gives you greater aerial mobility than ever before. The Dash ability is acquired very early on in Doom Eternal’s story, and it will prove incredibly useful in both combat and exploration. This is how to get Dash in Doom Eternal.

How to Get Dash in Doom Eternal

The Dash ability is acquired in the second mission of Doom Eternal’s campaign, Exultia. Early in the mission, there’s a segment involving giant spinning blades. Walk into the circular blade room and look for a punchable block. Use this to climb up to the second level of the room. On the second level, there are three chains that need to be broken, and you’ll have to do a bit of platforming to reach them. Use the blades as moving platforms to reach the other chains, and once you break them, they’ll be removed, uncovering the Dash ability.

Dash allows you to perform two quick bursts of movement, either on the ground or in the air, that can be used to avoid incoming enemy fire or to reach new places. Combined with the double jump, Dash can cover a crazy amount of distance, and mastering this movement is crucial to finding some of Doom Eternal’s secret collectibles, including Empyrean Keys, Sentinel Crystals, and Runes.

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