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Doom Eternal – How to Get the Ballista

A long-range powerhouse.

by Diego Perez


Doom Eternal features a wide array of powerful weapons that will help you cull the demonic hordes of Hell, and the Ballista is among the most powerful weapons in the game. The Ballista excels at ranged combat, able to take down enemies from afar. It also does increased damage to flying foes like the Cacodemon and Pain Elemental, making it an indispensable part of your loadout. It’s obtained pretty early in Doom Eternal’s campaign, although it still shows up later than other weapons like the Plasma Rifle. This is how to get the Ballista in Doom Eternal.

How to Get the Ballista in Doom Eternal

The Ballista is obtained shortly after Doom Eternal’s fourth mission, Doom Hunter Base. After defeating the Doom Hunter boss and killing the second Hell Priest, you’ll be sent back to the Fortress of Doom like normal, only this time, you’ll receive a new objective to collect the Ballista. After watching a brief cutscene, simply follow the objective marker to obtain the weapon.

The Ballista serves as a replacement for the Gauss Cannon from Doom 2016. It’s incredible at ranged combat and can even serve as a movement tool in a pinch. The blast from a Ballista shot is actually strong enough to send the Doomslayer flying backward, so use this to your advantage to put some space between you and nearby demons. Both of its weapon mods are great, but the Arbalest takes the cake, able to deal heavy damage to a singular enemy. For group encounters, you can swap to the Destroyer Blade, which cleaves through groups of demons with ease.

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