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Doom Eternal – How to Get the Plasma Rifle

An early favorite.

by Diego Perez


Doom Eternal features a wide array of weapons that you can use to take on the demonic hordes of Hell, and the Plasma Rifle is one that you’ll find early on that will quickly become a staple in your arsenal. The Plasma Rifle is obtained very early in Doom Eternal’s campaign, and it’s indispensable for dealing with the many shielded enemies that you’ll come across throughout the game’s lengthy campaign. Both weapon mods for the Plasma Rifle are also incredibly useful, enhancing the weapon and covering some of its weaknesses. This is how to get the Plasma Rifle in Doom Eternal.

How to Get the Plasma Rifle in Doom Eternal

The Plasma Rifle is obtained in Doom Eternal’s second mission, Exultia. While it’s not tied to a mission objective, the Plasma Rifle is placed in such a way that it’s practically impossible to miss unless you deliberately attempt to avoid it. After entering the portal in the Exultia mission, you’ll find yourself in a drastically different locale from before. There are demons waiting to be killed, but before you do so, you’ll notice a Plasma Rifle sitting directly in front of you on the ground. Simply walk into the green weapon pickup to acquire the weapon.

The Plasma Rifle is the only weapon in the game that excels are destroying shields, making it a wonderful tool to use against foes like the Doom Hunter. The Heat Blast weapon mod is perfect for clearing groups of weaker demons or staggering stronger ones. The Microwave Beam, on the other hand, is great for dealing sustained damage to singular foes, although they do explode and damage nearby demons upon death.

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