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Doom Eternal – How to Unlock Classic Doom Marine Skin

Party like it's 1993.

by Diego Perez


Doom Eternal features extensive character customization, letting players rock anything from the standard Doomslayer outfit to the outlandish and colorful Doomicorn costume, but one of the most interesting getups Doom Eternal has to offer is the Classic Doom Marine skin, which allows players to dress up as the protagonist from the original Doom game from 1993. This skin is available fairly early on, and you can complete most of the game’s campaign in this classic outfit if you so choose. It’ll cost you a few Sentinel Batteries, which are used to unlock various things in the Fortress of Doom hub, but it isn’t too terribly expensive.

How to Get Classic Doom Marine Skin in Doom Eternal

To get the Classic Doom Marine skin in Doom Eternal, you first need to acquire two Sentinel Batteries. Sentinel Batteries are rare collectibles in Doom Eternal, but you’re bound to come across a few while you’re out and about slaughtering the hordes of Hell. If you can’t find any, though, then there’s a way to get them that doesn’t involve collectible hunting. Each mission in Doom Eternal has three unique challenges to complete. If you manage to complete all three challenges, you’ll be rewarded with a Sentinel Battery. This is a surefire way to amass a decent amount of Batteries, and some missions in particular have some very easy challenges to complete.

After acquiring the necessary two Sentinel Batteries, return to the Fortress of Doom. There are several containment cells located onboard the ship, each hiding a different collectible or reward, including Runes and Sentinel Crystals. The Classic Doom Marine armor can be seen behind the glass of one of these containment cells. To open it, simply insert a Sentinel Battery into each of holes on each side of the cell. This will open the containment cell and unlock the Classic Doom Marine skin.

To put it on, return to the main menu and select the customize option. Select the Doomslayer and the skin should appear in the list with the rest.


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