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Doom Eternal – Is the Deluxe Edition Worth It?

Rip and tear at a premium price.

by Diego Perez


Like most games these days, Doom Eternal has multiple editions to choose from, including a standard edition, a deluxe edition, and a collector’s edition. While the collector’s edition is sold out at most retailers, there’s still the option of getting the deluxe edition, which includes a few pieces of digital content alongside some more significant additions. Because it comes with some extra things, the deluxe edition of the game is priced at $90, which is $30 more than the standard version of the game. Is the deluxe edition of Doom Eternal worth it?

What Does the Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition Include?

The deluxe edition of Doom Eternal includes the base game, the demonic slayer skin, the classic weapons sound pack, and the Year One Pass. The demonic slayer skin is a nice addition, but there are tons of other unlockable skins in Doom Eternal that outshine it. The classic weapons sound pack is interesting, too, but it’s a gimmick most will likely disable after the novelty quickly wears off. That leaves us with the Year One Pass, which is the main reason many are considering the deluxe edition of the game in the first place.

The Year One Pass grants access to two campaign add-ons that are scheduled to release within one year of Doom Eternal’s release, meaning they’ll both be out by March 20, 2021, at the latest. These expansions will shed light on the demonic invasion and fall of Earth prior to the events of Doom Eternal, providing new perspectives and ways to play. It’s also worth noting that the Year One Pass is not currently sold separately, meaning the deluxe edition is the only way to get it as of right now. The expansions will likely be purchasable on their own once they release, but they’ll probably be more expensive separately than as a part of the Year One Pass.

Regardless, Doom Eternal’s campaign is challenging but a whole lot of fun, and the DLC will probably be just as good. If you’re a fan of Doom and you think you’ll want extra content with Doom Eternal, then the deluxe edition is most likely worth it for you.

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