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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Fast Travel

Save yourself some time by taking these shortcuts.

by Dean James


Dragon Quest Builders 2 takes much of what made the first game work and adds in some new content along the way. This sequel utilizes the multiple island approach yet again, which also means fast travel is going to be very important. This guide will detail just how you can do this in the game.

How To Fast Travel In Dragon Quest Builders 2

Fast travel is introduced a couple hours into Dragon Quest Builders 2 after you first start doing the farming missions in Furrowfield. After you complete the harvest 15 cabbages missions, you will journey to obtain wheat seeds that you can then plant upon your return.

You will then be given a mission to venture off to a marker on the map, which will lead you to a globe in the middle of nowhere surrounded by two rats you can interact with. After speaking with them, go and interact with the globe itself to turn it blue and activate it. By doing this, this means you can continually fast travel back to this location, with it being specified as Fat Rat Rise.

These globes are not the only places you can fast travel to and are also not the actual place you have to be to fast travel. The fast traveling itself is done via the world map anywhere you are located, so start off by pressing – on Switch or the Touchpad on PS4. This will bring up the full map, so then press Y on Switch or Square on PS4 to bring up the Warp List.

From here, you can then select between the fast travel spots you have activated, which will only be three at this point in the game, with Furrowfield Farm, the Dock, and Fat Rat Rise. You will get many more of these in the game, many of which are globe locations, so always make sure to activate them anytime you see them as it will eventually save you some time when having to backtrack in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

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