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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Glide Across Large Gaps

Take a leap of faith.

by Dean James


Dragon Quest Builders 2 may seem like a game that will keep you on the ground most of the time, but you will eventually notice some areas that seem pretty inaccessible without some way to glide to them. That is exactly what needs to happen, which won’t happen until you obtain an item eventually in the game. This guide will tell you how to get this item and how to use it in the game.

How To Glide Across Large Gaps in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Without going into too many spoilers with the story, there is an event that happens after the Harvest Festival in your town on the first island that leads you to have to go out and search for something. To do this however requires the ability to glide across certain areas that were not able to be accessed prior.

Thankfully, one of your townsfolk provides you with a brand new item called the Windbreaker, which is exactly what you will need to complete these task. To use the Windbreaker, you must press A on Nintendo Switch to deploy the little sail that will allow you to glide as long as you need.

You do not need to hold A down to keep the Windbreaker deployed either, as it will automatically stay open while you are gliding. Once you hit land though, it will go away. You can also make it disappear by pressing A again while gliding as well.

You may wonder why this is not working when you are testing it when near the ground, but this is because you must have a little elevation to actually pull this off. Otherwise it will just switch between your items like the hammer, glove, Bottomless Pot, and such, which will definitely be no help in that situation.

Simply climb up nearby platforms a bit and jump off, press A, and you will be gliding around to explore the sights of Dragon Quest Builders 2.

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