Dying Light 2: How to Survive Chemical Areas

Have you or someone you loved died in a chemical area?

by Charles Cleveland


Dying Light 2 is already gaining a notorious reputation for its wide-spread chemical areas that make it next to impossible for players to proceed through such areas.

Only Dark Souls fans know a pain more intense than Dying Light 2’s chemical areas. These areas are covered in thick poisonous sludge and toxic vapors that will instantly cause damage to players. Death follows soon after. For the most part these areas are few and far between when it comes to exploring the majority of the city and the main missions will almost never place you near them.

Most of these chemical areas tend to be placed on the edges of the map, almost all of these are impossible to traverse through, and only the most determined explorers or the most bored players running in a never-ending straight line have a chance of happening upon them. While some of you may be tempted to traverse through some of these areas, we must warn you not to as the chances of survival through any of the end map chemical areas means almost certain death. Well aside from just one that is.

Naturally players will naturally still want to explore these areas in search of items or loot and Dying Light 2 prepared to reward such enthusiasm with a mission! (This mission described below is one that occurs towards the end of the game so please note that there will be some spoilers)


The only time you can enter a chemical area and survive to tell the tale is during the late game mission “Veronica.” Before the mission begins you receive a “Blocker” which allows you to survive the toxicity of the chemical areas, for only a very brief time though. Now, the player has the time to access a previously unreachable area. It is important to note that the blocker will permanently wear off after the mission and you will lose the ability to go into all other chemical areas.

While the Veronika mission is certainly fun and good loot can be attained throughout it, there is not a single other blocker offered or available throughout the rest of Dying Light 2. This means that all other chemical areas are essentially impossible to cross or explore through outside of the mission. This is really too bad as it always seems as though there are always unreachable spots in open world games that make you crave the ability to go there, and the fact that they showed you a mechanic that would have permitted this leaves you wondering why the blocker did not become a permanent or retainable item.

The only real way to survive the intense chemical exposure in these areas is to simply avoid them all together. Players can usually get through small chemical areas by jumping from pieces of debris or other small patches of clean land, but it is not easy to stay in these areas for long.

- This article was updated on February 16th, 2022

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