Dying Light 2 Best Faction: Should You Ally With Peacekeepers or Survivors?

For the people or for a police state?

by Elliott Gatica


In Dying Light 2, there are some crucial story decisions you have to make that will change the course of history and dictate the fate of some key players. Some of these pivotal decisions include siding with a certain faction who you’ve seen butt heads since the beginning of the game. Here, we’ll give a rundown of whether or not you want to align yourself with the Peacekeepers (PKs) or the Survivors. You can use this as a basis of which is the best faction in Dying Light 2.

Which is the best faction in Dying Light 2?

Both factions, when assigning important structures, will give you perks that will help you out in both the Central Loop and Old Villedor. As you progress further and assign more zones, they’ll give you better perks.


If you side with the PKs, they tend to have more offensive tools to help you against the infected. For each zone you give them to control, they’ll give you a perk in this order along with what they do:

  • Car Traps: lure infected and explode, good for crowd control and removing aggro
  • PK Razor Cannon: mounted turrets that can take out the infected from far. It’s especially useful on Virals.
  • Electrical Traps: remotely detonated floor traps that electrocute enemies who are within the shock radius. The electrocution stops enemies in their tracks.
  • Crossbow Pack: receive a free crossbow and blueprints with elemental bolts. Useful for taking out enemies from afar.
  • Molotov Lanterns: stronger variants of Molotov Cocktails. Good for crowd control and chokepoints against large numbers of enemies.
  • Pendulum Traps: remotely detonated spike traps that can push and impale enemies. It excels in lessening the horde chasing you.
  • UV Trap: light towers that can be activated remotely. Good source of getting infected off of you and replenishing your immunity.

If you’re more of a person who is combative, this is the faction for you. This can be extremely useful if you want to farm for blueprint components, namely the Infected Trophies.



The Survivors are for players who prefer to utilize the mobility aspect of your toolkit. If you want to get out of dicey situations and get to hard-to-reach places, they’ll provide more utility over weaponry. Here are the perks you’ll receive in chronological order:

  • Ziplines: provide more aerial traversal from building to building. Good for shaking off the infected chasing you.
  • Airbags: these are basically platforms that give you a lot more vertical coverage per jump.
  • Landing Bags: yellow punching-bag-looking items atop roofs. Using one can negate fall damage.
  • Survivor Revival: a survivor will pick you up and bring you back to a safe zone if you fall within a Survivor-controlled zone.
  • Air Vents: more air vents are installed between the Central Loop and Old Villedor, allowing you to make further use of your paraglider.
  • Upgraded Airbags: basically a better variant of the previously mentioned airbags.
  • Two-Way Ziplines: improved ziplines that allow for upward traversal.

Personally, the Survivors have the better toolkit when it comes to perks, making them the best faction. They utilize the verticality that helps you get into tough areas in Dying Light 2. They also ensure better survivability when it comes to dealing with the infected. While you miss out on getting a crossbow, parkour combat is much more satisfying and more useful in the grand scheme of things.

Dying Light 2 is out now for the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. A Nintendo Switch port is due for release later this year in 2022.

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