Elden Ring Curved Sword Locations: Where to Get a Curved Sword

Finding curved swords in Elden Ring!

by Gordon Bicker
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Elden Ring has a diverse array of weapons to collect throughout the entire experience. There is always something new to discover within the world and this makes players keep visiting the game time and time again. There are many early-game weapons that players have been locating and using for a large chunk of the game. Notably, one particular type of weapon that players have been wanting to discover more of is the ‘Curved Swords’, and this guide article will take you through some of the places you are able to get an Elden Ring Curved Sword.

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Where To Get Curved Swords In Elden Ring

There are various ways in order to obtain curved swords. Whether you are planning to upgrade them with rare crafting materials or simply wanting to utilize them for their specific attack styles. The Scimitar Curved Sword for example is part of the starting equipment for players who chose the Warrior class so you are able to get it from the start of the game. However, for other curved swords such as the ‘Magma Blade’, you will be able to get it as a loot drop from the ‘lizardmen’ who have the weapon at the Volcano Manor.

Further, the ‘Mantis Blade’ is found by a similar method after defeating the ‘Cemetary Shade’ boss in Gelmir Hero’s Grave within the experience. There are 15 types of curved swords that have been discovered at the moment, however, there may be ven more that players haven’t yet discovered due to how many hidden secrets the game has.

Curved swords can deal a good amount of damage while still allowing your character to have a lot of movement speed and dexterity in the environment, excellent for encounters where you need a lot of attacks but need to focus on dodging efficiently.

Elden Ring is available now for players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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