Elden Ring Early Game Colossal Sword: How to Get the Zweihander

Are you planning to obtain the Zweihander in Elden Ring?

by Gordon Bicker


Elden Ring can be brutally tough and that is the true marker of many FromSoftware games. With the experience being released, players have been taking their first steps in the entrancing world and battling many of the bosses on offer for players.  Notably, there are various new weapons in the experience that players have been wanting to obtain with quick succession throughout the lands. However, there is even an early game Colossal Sword that can certainly sway the tide of any battle in your favor if you know where to get it. This guide article will inform you of the Zeihander location and how to get to it in Elden Ring.

Zweihander Location In Elden Ring

In order to get the weapon, you will firstly need to go to the south of Limgrave. This is the starting region for Elden Ring so it will be fairly early on that you will be able to gain the Zweihander. Simply cross the ‘Bridge of Sacrifice’ and then continue along the main path. There will be a slight fork in the road that you can opt to take a path that goes to the left. Venture to the left and then you’ll want to keep heading along that road all of the way.

When you get there, you will encounter a shack along your way, specifically the ‘No Man’s Land Merchant Shack’. After discovering the Lost Grace Site, speak with the Merchant and you will be able to buy the Zweihander sword from them.

You will need 3500 runes in total in order to obtain the Zweihander so you can choose to farm some enemies for runes at first before going to the merchant if you need more of them.

Elden Ring Zweihander Lore

In terms of what the Zweihander’s backstory is, the following is what is linked to the item’s description: “Just about the largest sword a mere man is capable of swinging. True to its name, it is designed to be wielded in both hands, but those of merely ordinary strength will still struggle to do so. The long blade is heavy and sharp, sending foes reeling back with its broader strokes, while also capable of a devastating piercing thrust.” Furthermore, fans of the Dark Souls franchise will also recognize the sword since it was included in that franchise.

The stats of the weapon are also important to note and thus here are some key stats that will be of benefit for you to know about:

  • Physical Attack: 141
  • Critical ‘Crit’ Damage: 100
  • Strength Rank: D
  • Dexterity Rank: D
  • Weight: 15.5

Of course, there are many more stats linked with the weapon but these ones will be the main ones you will be likely wanting to find out about. However, it should be noted that the weapon does not do any Magic, Light, Fire, or Holy damage with its base stats. The weapon is definitely a great Colossal sword to obtain in the early segments of the game so be sure to go and get it if you have enjoyed how it sounds from the article.

Elden Ring is available now for players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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