Elden Ring Darriwil Location: Where to Find Darriwil for Blaidd

Honoring the requests of a beast-kin.

by Weilong Mao


Elden Ring Players who’ve stumbled into Mistwood, located in Eastern Limgrave might have encountered Blaidd, a wolfman seeking the location of Darriwil. This questline in question could be the first instance where players would encounter the beast knight during their travels of the Lands Between, as opposed to his later appearances. Though the procedure itself is not what one would consider overly difficult. There’s some work to be done to obtain and complete the request gotten from Blaidd. This guide will illustrate the necessary steps that need to be undertaken.

How to Get the Request From Blaidd

In Elden Ring, Blaidd can be found at the Mistwood Ruins to the south of Mistwood Outskirts. Players will start to hear howling sounds as they approach the arrays of disrepair structures. The astute player might even notice the presence of Blaidd, with him perched high up on the outer walls of building rubbles. Players won’t be able to interact with him at this point. After having heard the wolf howls, the Tarnished will need to venture back to the Church of Elleh, where the merchant Kale can be inquired as to the sounds being made near the premise of Mistwood Ruins.


Kale will present the player with the Finger Snap gesture, which he’ll incentivize the player to attempt at the Mistwood Ruins, upon hearing the same howls. Players can now go back to the Ruins, and use the gesture in the vicinity of the tall standing structure. Doing so will trigger the descent of Blaidd, who will land near the player. Approach him and choose to initiate conversation. Speak to him enough and he will speak of his goals of finding Darriwil, with promises of reward if the players are to assist in his efforts. This is a cue for players to progress into the next phase of the quest.

Where to Find Darriwil in Elden Ring

The location of Darriwil falls in the region of Limgrave, the first accessible area of Elden Ring. He is situated at Forlon Hound Evergaol, which is to the south of Agheel Lake. Teleport to Agheel Lake South and keep heading south, players should eventually discover themselves in an open area with concave pavements, surrounded by worm-like automatons. Access the center panel to enter the jail, which will allow players to commence combat with Bloodhound Knight Darriwil, upon their approach. Before doing so, players can summon Blaidd using the summon sign on the ground to aid with the boss fight.


Whether the player has defeated the boss on their own or with Blaidd’s help, upon their exit from the Evergaol they should be able to find Blaidd standing close by. Start a conversation with him to get the reward he promised, a somber smithing stone [2]. He will also mention an associate of his at Raya Lucaria that’s larger than normal human proportions, who will “treat you right” if the player were to mention his name.

Players are free to continue their travels across the Lands Between, but if they are intrigued by the prospect of meeting Blaidd’s colleague, they’ll need to make way for Liurnia which can be reached via crossing Stormveil castle, or by taking a side path.

Elden Ring is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Series X/S, and PC.

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