Elden Ring Lantern Location: How to See in the Dark

Snag this key item early on for an easier time seeing in the dark.

by AOTF Staff

There are multiple options when it comes to seeing in the dark in Elden Ring.  Your first is going to be a torch, which you can get very early on in the game.  However, this item comes with limitations as it requires that you use your off-hand to carry the torch.  The lantern should be a priority item for Elden Ring players as it can be brought along as an item and can be used alongside a sword and shield.  In this guide for Elden Ring we’ll explain where you can get the Lantern.

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Where to Get the Lantern in Elden Ring

The Lantern can be purchased from a vendor in Liurnia of the Lakes.  The Nomadic Merchant at the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace holds the Lantern which can be purchased for 1800 Runes.  To get to this point in the game you will need to have progressed past the Godrick Boss Fight which will open up this path into a new area in the world.  This Site of Grace should be one of the first that you encounter.  If you don’t have the runes when you meet them the first time, we suggest doing a little farming in the area to get this key item.

While it’s not quite as bright as the torch, the lantern will do a sufficient job in lighting up darker areas in the game.

How to use the Lantern

The Lantern is used like other items in the game and must be equipped.  Head into the Equipment Menu and then once you have the Lantern add it to your quick item list.  Once in the list you can then back out of the menu. You can then select the lantern item by using down on the d-pad and using it by pressing the Square/X button.

The lantern item in Elden Ring is reusable at any time.  Check out these Elden Ring Guides for item locations, boss fight walkthroughs, and more.