Elden Ring PC Performance and Best Settings Guide: Maximize FPS With These Settings

Elden Ring has a variety of settings that will increase FPS!

by Gordon Bicker


Elden Ring has been released and eager players have been battling their way through the vast variety of grotesque and enchanting enemies along their path through the story. With a vast number of stats to upgrade and classes to choose from, many players will be taking their time with deciding what strategies will work for them. Notably, however, playing on PC has seen a few stuttering issues and frame drop for some players, in turn, this guide article will take you through the process of what the best Elden Ring max FPS settings are to increase the performance of your experience.

Best Elden Ring Performance Settings For PC

Firstly, in order to increase your performance and FPS, a great setting to start with is surprisingly the ‘Grass Quality’, yes, grass quality seems to affect the performance of the experience. Changing the setting from ‘High’ to ‘Medium’ will ensure that you start to notice some performance boosts from the get-go without losing too much visual fidelity and quality. Other settings that can be altered to increase both performance and FPS are as follows:

  • Antialiasing Quality: Changing this setting from high to low will have you likely observing a slight increase in performance, however, if you lose some visual quality, you can opt to leave this setting at its highest setting and continue changing the other settings on this list instead.
  • Reflection Quality: The Reflection Quality can again be lowered to increase the performance by a small factor, change this from maximum to a lower setting of your choosing.
  • Shader Quality: This is a setting that will give you a performance boost so be sure to lower the setting to something of your choosing that is not the ‘Maximum’ quality. Medium will ensure that you don’t see too much of a drop in the visuals. However, lowering it more will likely grant you a higher performance boost so it is up to a personal preference for what you choose for this setting.
  • Shadow Quality: Altering the shadow quality will cause you to see a larger drop in visuals at certain moments, however, lowering this setting to medium or low will see a great performance and FPS boost for players.
  • SSAO: Again, the ambient occlusion can be altered to gain a performance boost, as before, have this setting on another setting that is not maximum quality.
  • Texture Quality: This can be lowered from the highest setting to garner another slight performance boost without compromising too much on the visuals, be sure to choose any setting that is of your choosing other than the maximum setting.

As you can observe, there are a lot of settings to go through and alter to have a higher quality of experience in terms of the FPS. Whether you are leveling up or simply exploring every sector of the world, these settings will be great to have.

Will you be altering the settings in Elden Ring this month to gain the max FPS and performance for the experience?

Elden Ring is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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