Elden Ring: What Are Prayerbooks Used For?

Prayerbooks are the way to powerful Incantations.

by Noah Nelson


Elden Ring is finally here and it is filled with brand new items like Prayerbooks. There are dozens of classes to choose from in FromSoftware’s newest RPG open-world game, but those who choose to specialize in magic will want to know what Prayerbooks are and how to find them. Here is everything you need to know about Prayerbooks in Elden Ring.

What are Prayerbooks in Elden Ring

Prayerbooks in Elden Ring hold the key to unlocking powerful Incantations. Incantations are spells that can heal and cure as well as conjure fire and beast claws for damage. These kinds of spells are tied to the Faith stat and are extremely useful. Hidden throughout the world of The Lands Between are Prayerbooks that hold specific Incantations to unlock.

Here are all of the Prayerbooks and what the Incantations they unlock:

  • Assassin’s Prayerbook – Unlocks Assassin’s Approach and Darkness for purchase
  • Godskin Prayerbook – Unlocks Black Flame and Black Flame Blade for purchase
  • Fire Monks’ Prayerbook – Unlocks O, Flame! and Surge, O Flame! for purchase
  • Giant’s Prayerbook – Unlocks Giantsflame Take Thee and Flame, Fall Upon Them for purchase
  • Two Fingers’ Prayerbook – Unlocks Lord’s Heal and Lord’s Aid for purchase
  • Dragon Cult Prayerbook – Unlocks Lightning Spear, Honed Bolt, and Electrify Armament for purchase
  • Ancient Dragon Prayerbook – Unlocks Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear and Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike for purchase

To unlock each Prayerbook’s Incantations, all you need to do is turn them in to Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold. From there, you can purchase the Incantations from Brother Corhyn.

How to Find Prayerbooks in Elden Ring

Now that you know how powerful and special Prayerbooks are in Elden Ring, you’re probably wondering where you can grab a couple. While not even the Elder Ring Wiki has all the locations to each Prayerbook (it is a humongous game after all), there are a few locations that we do know.

Here are some Prayerbook locations:

  • Godskin Prayerbook: Underneath the Stormveil Castle, this Prayerbook can be found after defeating three Rats, dispelling the white fog by using Stonesword Key on the Imp Statue, and looting the treasure chest.
  • Fire Monks’ Prayerbook: This Prayerbook can be found on a corpse at the Fire Monk outpost in Liurnia of the Lakes.

And with that, you now know everything you need to to get started on collecting Prayerbooks in Elden Ring. For more helpful tips and tricks, check out our Elden Ring Guides.

Elden Ring is out now for the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC.

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