Elden Ring – How to Fast Travel to Roundtable Hold

A fast travel point that's not on the map.

by AOTF Staff

In Elden Ring there is a hub area that houses numerous vendors and NPCs, a mechanic that’s familiar to fans to the Souls series.  This area dubbed Roundtable Hold is a place where the Tarnished gather to help you on your journey in taking down the Elden Lords.  You’ll get access to Roundtable Hold after some of the story has been completed, but this area isn’t on the map.  In this guide we’ll explain how to get back to Roundtable Hold.

How to Fast Travel to Roundtable Hold

Once you’ve got access to Roundtable Hold you’re going to want to head there if you want to level up your weapons past +3.  The smithing station in the Church of Elleh is only going to take you so far and the hold has a more than capable Blacksmith to help you progress your strength further.  While the first time you go you’ll be taken there automatically, other times you’ll need to fast travel.

This can be done just like any other fast travel point and it’s basically hidden in plain site If you zoom the map out completely you’ll see the “Table of the Lost Grace” as a point of interest.  Simply hover over the icon and then select as you would any other fast travel point.  alternatively, you can press the Y button to bring up all of the different regions of the map and select any fast travel point that you want.

Alternatively, pressing the Y/Triangle Button will open the Sites of Grace sub menu which you can tab through using the Left and Right Bumper buttons on the PS or Xbox controller.  If you choose this route, opening the sub menu you will give you a new option at the bottom of the screen as well to “Go to Roundtable Hold” by pressing the X/Square Button.